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Abbey Gardens, Abbots Place, Adelaide Place, Albert Mews, Albert Road, Albion Place, All Saints Lane, Alma Place, Alma Street, Ambleside Place, Anne Green Walk, Arran Mews, Artillery Street, Avon Close, Ayrshire Court, Back Lane, Bakers Close, Barton Mill Road, Bawden Close, Beaconsfield Road, Becket Avenue, Beech Court, Bekesbourne Lane, Best Lane, Beverley Road, Bigglestons Link, Bingley Court, Bird Cage Walk, Bishops Way, Blackfriars, Blackfriars Street, Blenheim Avenue, Boleyn Court, Brabourne Close, Bramshaw Road, Bristol Road, Broad Oak Road, Broad Street, Brockenhurst Close, Brymore Close, Brymore Road, Burgate, Butter Market, Byron Close, Cadnam Close, Calcraft Mews, Cambrai Court, Cambridge Way, Canterbury Lane, Carriage Mews, Castle Row, Castle Street, Cedar View, City Business Park, City View, Claremont Place, Clement Close, Clifton Gardens, Clyde Street, Cobden Place, College Road, Conrad Avenue, Coopers Lane, Copinger Close, Coppergate, Cornwall Gardens, Cossington Road, Cotton Road, Cow Lane, Crab and Winkle Way, Craddock Drive, Craddock Road, Cranbourne Walk, Cross Street, Crossways, Crown Gardens, Culpepper Close, Cumberland Avenue, Cushman Road, Darwin Road, Davidson Road, Devon Road, Dextor Close, Dickens Avenue, Discovery Walk, Donegal Road, Dorset Road, Douro Close, Dover Street, Downs Road, Dryden Close, Duck Lane, Durham Close, Durnford Close, East Street, Edgar Road, Edward Road, Elliot Close, Ersham Road, Essex Road, Farleigh Road, Farthings Court, Field Avenue, Fiesta Walk, Fisher Road, Flagstaff Court, Forrester Close, Forty Acres Road, Foxdown Close, Franciscan Way, Franklyn Road, Friary Way, Gas Street, Giles Lane, Glen Iris Avenue, Glen Iris Close, Glenside Avenue, Godden Road, Gordon Road, Gore Mews, Goudhurst Close, Gravel Walk, Great Stour Place, Green Dell, Greenhouse Lane, Grove Terrace, Guildhall Street, Hackington Close, Hales Drive, Halstead Close, Hampshire Road, Hanover Place, Harcourt Drive, Hardy Close, Harkness Drive, Havelock Street, Hawk's Lane, Hawthorn Avenue, Henry Court, Hever Place, High Street St. Gregory, Highfield Close, Hillside Avenue, Hillview Road, Hollowmede, Holme Oak Close, Honeywood Close, Hospital Lane, Hudson Road, Hunton Gardens, Chartham Hatch Road, Chaucer Close, Chaucer Road, Chelsea Road, Cherry Avenue, Cherry Drive, Cherry Garden Road, Church Hill, Church Lane, Church Street, Churchill Road, Iron Bar Lane, Ivy Lane, Ivy Place, Jackson Road, Jessica Mews, Kemsing Gardens, Kensington Road, Kent Avenue, Keyworth Mews, Kilndown Gardens, King Street, King's Park, Kings Mews, Kingsmead Road, Kirby's Lane, Knight Avenue, Lambeth Road, Lancaster Road, Lanfranc Gardens, Lansdown Road, Lavender Mews, Law Close, Laxton Way, Leycroft Close, Lichfield Avenue, Lime Kiln Road, Lincoln Avenue, Linden Grove, Linden Chase, Link Lane, Littlebourne Road, London Road, Long Acre Close, Long Meadow Way, Longport, Love Lane, Lower Bridge Street, Lower Chantry Lane, Lyndhurst Close, Magdalen Court, Maiden Lane, Malthouse Road, Mandeville Road, Market Way, Marley Court, Marlowe Avenue, Marshwood Close, Martindale Close, Martyrs Field Road, Mary Green Walk, Maynard Road, Mead Way, Meadow Road, Mercery Lane, Merchants Way, Metcalfe Mews, Military Road, Mill Lane, Miller Avenue, Monastery Street, Monks Close, Montfort Close, Moorfield, Mount Road, Mulberry Court, Neal's Place Road, New Ruttington Lane, New Street, New Town Street, Nonsuch Close, Norfolk Road, Norman Road, North Downs Way, North Holmes Road, North Lane, Northgate, Notley Street, Nunnery Fields, Nunnery Green, Nunnery Road, Old Dover Road, Old Park Avenue, Old Ruttington Lane, Old Watling Street, Orange Street, Orchard Close, Orchard Street, Orient Place, Oxford Court, Oxford Road, Palace Street, Parade, Parham Close, Parham Court, Parham Road, Pengelly Place, Penshurst Close, Peri Court, Pewter Court, Pilgrims Road, Pilgrims Way, Pine Tree Avenue, Plumpton Walk, Portland Square, Pound Lane, Pretoria Road, Priest Avenue, Princes Way, Prioress Road, Prospect Place, Providence Row, Puckle Lane, Queens Avenue, Querns Road, Ramsey Close, Randolph Close, Redwood Close, Reed Avenue, Reeves Close, Regency Place, Remston Mews, Rheims Court, Rheims Way, Rhodaus Town, Richmond Gardens, Ringwood Close, River Bend Close, Riverdale Road, Riverside Court, Rochester Avenue, Roper Close, Roper Road, Rose Lane, Roseacre Close, Roselands Gardens, Rosemary Lane, Rough Common Road, Rushmead Close, Russett Road, Rutland Close, Ryde Street, Saint Stephen's Road, Salisbury Road, Sancroft Avenue, Sandhurst Close, Sangro Place, Seymour Place, Shaftesbury Road, Shelley Avenue, Shipman Avenue, Simmonds Road, Somerset Road, Somme Court, South Street, Spring Gardens, Spring Lane, Squire Avenue, St. Andrews Close, St. Augustine's Road, St. Dunstan's Close, St. Edmunds Road, St. George's Place, St. George's Street, St. Gregory's Road, St. John's Place, St. Julien Avenue, St. Lawrence Close, St. Margaret's Street, St. Martin's Avenue, St. Martin's Road, St. Martin's Terrace, St. Martins Close, St. Mary's Court, St. Mary's Street, St. Michael's Place, St. Michael's Road, St. Peter's Grove, St. Peter's Lane, St. Peter's Place, St. Peter's Street, St. Radigund's Place, St. Stephen's Close, St. Stephen's Road, St. Stephens Hill, Stanmore Court, Station Road East, Station Road West, Stephenson Road, Stonebridge Road, Stour Crescent, Stour Street, Stour View, Sturmer Close, Sturry Road, Suffolk Road, Summer Close, Summer Hill, Sun Street, Sundridge Close, Surrey Road, Sussex Avenue, Talavera Road, Teddington Close, Temple Mews, Temple Road, Ten Perch Road, Tennyson Avenue, Tenterden Drive, The Boundary, The Causeway, The Close, The Crescent, The Friars, The Mews Apartments, The Mint, The Paddock, The Pines, The Precincts, The Spires, The Terrace, Tourtel Road, Tower Way, Tudor Road, Tunis Court, Tunstall Road, Turnagain Lane, Tyler Close, Ulcombe Gardens, Union Place, Union Street, University Road, Uplands, Upper Bridge Street, Valley Road, Vauxhall Avenue, Vauxhall Crescent, Vauxhall Road, Vernon Place, Verwood Close, Victoria Road, Victoria Row, Victory Court, Villiers Road, Walden Court, Warwick Road, Water Lane, Waters Edge, Watling Street, Weir Court, Wells Avenue, Westerham Close, Westgate Close, Westgate Court Avenue, Westgate Grove, Westminster Road, Westwood Drive, White Horse Lane, Whitefriars Square, Whitehall Close, Whitehall Gardens, Whitehall Road, Whitstable Road, Willow Close, Willows Court, Windmill Close, Windmill Road, Wincheap, Winston Close, Woodland Way, Worcester Lane, Yeomans Drive, York Road, Ypres Court


ワールド - ヨーロッパ - 英国 - Canterbury (UK)

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