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You can find the list of streets in the ebook with the map as well. The list in the ebook is active (it is possible to click to any street to get to the page, where it is displayed). If you just want to download the map then use the link at the list of streets here.

Streets on the map of Portland

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15th Avenue, Broadway Bridge, Buckman School Path, Burnside Bridge, Burnside Interchange Connection #3, Burnside Interchange Connection #4, Burnside Interchange Connection #6, City Street Connection #1, City Street Connection #3, City Street Connection #4, City Street Connection #5, East Burnside Street, Eastbank Esplanade Access, Eastbank Freeway, Fremont Bridge, From Steel Bridge, Hawthorne Bridge, Holladay Connector, church-yard shortcut, Jamison Park Trails, Marquam Bridge, Morrison Bridge, North Benton Avenue, North Broadway, North Center Court Street, North Dixon Street, North Flint Avenue, North Gantenbein Avenue, North Hancock Street, North Interstate Avenue, North Larrabee Avenue, North Multnomah Street, North River Street, North Ross Avenue, North Tillamook Street, North Vancouver Avenue, North Weidler Street, North Wheeler Avenue, North Wheeler Place, North Williams Avenue, North Winning Way, Northeast 10th Avenue, Northeast 11th Avenue, Northeast 12th Avenue, Northeast 13th Avenue, Northeast 14th Avenue, Northeast 15th Avenue, Northeast 15th Avenue;, Northeast 16th Avenue, Northeast 17th Avenue, Northeast 1st Avenue, Northeast 2nd Avenue, Northeast 3rd Avenue, Northeast 6th Avenue, Northeast 7th Avenue, Northeast 8th Avenue, Northeast 9th Avenue, Northeast Broadway, Northeast Broadway Street, Northeast Center Court, Northeast Clackamas Street, Northeast Couch Street, Northeast Davis Street, Northeast Drexler, Northeast Everett Street, Northeast Everett Street Connector, Northeast Flanders Street, Northeast Glisan Street, Northeast Grand Avenue, Northeast Halsey Street, Northeast Hancock Street, Northeast Hassalo Street, Northeast Holladay Street, Northeast Hoyt Street, Northeast Irving Street, Northeast Lloyd Boulevard, Northeast M L King Boulevard, Northeast Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard, Northeast Martin Luther King, Junior Boulevard, Northeast Multnomah Street, Northeast Oregon Street, Northeast Pacific Street, Northeast San Rafael Street, Northeast Sandy Boulevard, Northeast Sullivan's Gultch Trail, Northeast Tillamook Street, Northeast Vera Katz Esplanade, Northeast Victoria Avenue, Northeast Wasco Street, Northeast Weidler Street, Northeast Wheeler Avenue, Northeast Winner's Circle, Northwest 10th Avenue, Northwest 11th Avenue, Northwest 12th Avenue, Northwest 13th Avenue, Northwest 14th Avenue, Northwest 15th Avenue, Northwest 15th Avenue;Northwest Terminal Avenue, Northwest 16th Avenue, Northwest 17th Avenue, Northwest 18th Avenue, Northwest 19th Avenue, Northwest 1st Avenue, Northwest 20th Avenue, Northwest 20th Place, Northwest 21st Avenue, Northwest 22nd Avenue, Northwest 22nd Place, Northwest 23rd Avenue, Northwest 23rd Place, Northwest 24th Avenue, Northwest 24th Place, Northwest 25th Avenue, Northwest 2nd Avenue, Northwest 3rd Avenue, Northwest 4th Avenue, Northwest 5th Avenue, Northwest 6th Avenue, Northwest 8th Avenue, Northwest 9th Avenue, Northwest Broadway, Northwest Couch Street, Northwest Davis Street, Northwest Everett Street, Northwest Flanders Street, Northwest Front Avenue, Northwest Glisan Street, Northwest Hoyt Street, Northwest Ironside Terrace, Northwest Irving Street, Northwest Johnson Street, Northwest Kearney Street, Northwest King Ave-21st Avenue Alley, Northwest King Avenue, Northwest Lovejoy Court, Northwest Lovejoy Street, Northwest Marshall Street, Northwest Naito Parkway, Northwest Northrup Street, Northwest Park Avenue, Northwest Pedestrian Trail, Northwest Quimby Street, Northwest Savier Street, Northwest Station Way, Northwest Thurman Street, Northwest Trinity Place, Northwest Upshur Street, Northwest Uptown Terrace, Northwest Vaughn Street, Northwest Westover Circle, Northwest Westover Road, Northwest Westover Terrace, Northwest Wilson Street, Oregon Street Connector, Pedestrian Walkway, Pioneer Courthouse Square, Portland Fire Bureau, Riverplace Trail, Rose Quarter Terrace, Salmon Street Springs, South Waterfront Park Trail, Southeast 10th Avenue, Southeast 11th Avenue, Southeast 12th Avenue, Southeast 13th Avenue, Southeast 14th Avenue, Southeast 15th Avenue, Southeast 16th Avenue, Southeast 17th Avenue, Southeast 18th Avenue, Southeast 2nd Avenue, Southeast 3rd Avenue, Southeast 6th Avenue, Southeast 7th Avenue, Southeast 8th Avenue, Southeast 9th Avenue, Southeast Alder Street, Southeast Ankeny Street, Southeast Ash Street, Southeast Belmont Street, Southeast Clay Street, Southeast Elliott Avenue, Southeast Grand Avenue, Southeast Harrison Street, Southeast Hawthorne Boulevard, Southeast Holly Street, Southeast Ladd Avenue, Southeast Ladd Circle, Southeast Larch Avenue, Southeast Lincoln Street, Southeast Locust Avenue, Southeast Madison Street, Southeast Main Street, Southeast Maple Avenue, Southeast Market Street, Southeast Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard, Southeast Mill Street, Southeast Morrison Street, Southeast Mulberry Avenue, Southeast Oak Street, Southeast Old Water Avenue, Southeast Palm Street, Southeast Poplar Avenue, Southeast Salmon Street, Southeast Sandy Boulevard, Southeast Spruce Avenue, Southeast Stark Street, Southeast Stephens Street, Southeast Taylor Street, Southeast Washington Street, Southeast Water Avenue, Southeast Yamhill Street, Southwest 10th Avenue, Southwest 11th Avenue, Southwest 12th Avenue, Southwest 13th Avenue, Southwest 14th Avenue, Southwest 15th Avenue, Southwest 16th Avenue, Southwest 17th Avenue, Southwest 18th Avenue, Southwest 19th Avenue, Southwest 1st Avenue, Southwest 20th Avenue, Southwest 20th Place, Southwest 21st Avenue, Southwest 2nd Avenue, Southwest 3rd Avenue, Southwest 4th Avenue, Southwest 5th Avenue, Southwest 6th Avenue, Southwest 8th Avenue, Southwest 9th Avenue, Southwest Alder Street, Southwest Ankeny Street, Southwest Ardmore Avenue, Southwest Ash Street, Southwest Broadway, Southwest Cable Street, Southwest Cactus Drive, Southwest Canyon Road, Southwest Cardinell Drive, Southwest Cardinell Way, Southwest Carter Lane, Southwest Cedar Street, Southwest Clay Street, Southwest Clifton Street, Southwest College Street, Southwest Collins Circle, Southwest Columbia Street, Southwest Douglas Place, Southwest Elizabeth Street, Southwest Elm Street, Southwest Ford Street Drive, Southwest Green Avenue, Southwest Hall Street, Southwest Harbor Place, Southwest Harbor Way, Southwest Harrison Street, Southwest Hawthorne Terrace, Southwest Hillcrest Place, Southwest Howards Way, Southwest Jackson Street, Southwest Jefferson Road, Southwest Jefferson Street, Southwest King Avenue, Southwest Kings Court, Southwest Laurel Street, Southwest Lewis And Clark Circle, Southwest Lincoln Street, Southwest Madison Drive, Southwest Madison Street, Southwest Main Street, Southwest Market Street, Southwest Market Street Drive, Southwest Mill Street, Southwest Mill Street Circle, Southwest Mill Street Terrace, Southwest Montgomery Drive, Southwest Montgomery Place, Southwest Montgomery Street, Southwest Morrison Street, Southwest Murray Lane, Southwest Myrtle Court, Southwest Myrtle Drive, Southwest Myrtle Street, Southwest Naito Parkway, Southwest Oak Street, Southwest Osage Street, Southwest Park Avenue, Southwest Park Place, Southwest Pedestrian Trail, Southwest Pine Street, Southwest Prospect Drive, Southwest River Square, Southwest River Walk, Southwest Rivington Drive, Southwest Rose Lane, Southwest Sacajawea Boulevard, Southwest Saint Clair Avenue, Southwest Salmon Street, Southwest Sherwood Boulevard, Southwest Spring Street, Southwest Stark Street, Southwest Sterns Drive, Southwest Street Helens Court, Southwest Taylor Street, Southwest Terrace Drive, Southwest Upper Hall Street, Southwest Vista Avenue, Southwest Washington Street, Southwest West Point Court, Southwest Yamhill Street, Stadium Freeway, Steel Bridge, Sunset Highway, Sunset Interchange Connection #8, T. H. Banfield Freeway, Tanner Springs Park, Tanner Springs Park Trail, Vera Katz Eastbank Esplanade, Vista Ridge Tunnel, Waterfront Park Connector, Waterfront Park Trail, West Burnside Street, West Steel Bridge Connection #1, Willamette Greenway, Willamette Greenway Trail

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