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You can find the list of streets in the ebook with the map as well. The list in the ebook is active (it is possible to click to any street to get to the page, where it is displayed). If you just want to download the map then use the link at the list of streets here.

Streets on the map of Johannesburg

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10th Avenue, 10th Street, 11th Avenue, 11th Street, 12th Avenue, 12th Street, 13th Avenue, 13th Street, 14th Street, 15th Avenue, 15th Street, 16th Street, 1st Avenue, 1st Street, 2nd Avenue, 2nd Street, 3rd Street, 4th Avenue, 4th Street, 5th Avenue, 5th Street, 6th Avenue, 6th Street, 7th Avenue, 7th Street, 8th Avenue, 8th Street, 9th Street, Aandblom Street, Abel Road, Albert Street, Albrecht Street, Alexander Street, Alexandra Street, Alice Road, Anderson Street, Angle Road, Annet Road, Argyle Road, Banket Street, Barnato Street, Barossa Street, Battery Street, Beacon Street, Beaufort Street, Beit Street, Bertha Street, Betsy Street, Bezuidenhout Ave, Bezuidenhout Avenue, Biccard, Bird Street, Bitcon Road, Blenheim Street, Boom Street, Booysens Road, Boxer Street, Bree Street, Browning Street, Bruce Street, Bunting Road, Buxton Street, Caithness Road, Cambrian Street, Canary Street, Caroline Street, Carr Street, Catherine Avenue, Cavan Street, Central Avenue, Central Road, Claim Street, Clare Road, Clarence Street, Clarendon Place, Clifton Street, Coach Street, College Street, Colyn Road, Commercial Road, Commissioner Street, Cornelia Street, Corrie Street, Cressy Street, Cross Street, Crown Road, Crown Street, Curry Street, Dasher Street, Davies Street, Davis Street, De Beer Street, De Korte Street, De la Rey Street, De Villiers Street, Diagonal Street, Dolly Rathebe Road, Dora Street, Durham Street, Earp Street, Eendracht Street, Eleanor Street, Eloff Street, Eloff Street Extension, Emerald Street, Empire Road, End Street, Enoch Sontonga Avenue, Erin Street, Error Street, Esselen Street, Essex Street, Explorer Street, Falcon Street, Ferreira Street, Ferret Street, Fife Avenue, FIXME, Flora Street, Ford Street, Fountain Road, Fox Street, Fraser Street, Frederick Street, Frost Avenue, Gerard Sekoto Street, Gillies Street, Good Hope Street, Goud Street, Gousblom Street, Grace Street, Gwigwi Mrewbi Street, Hadfield Road, Hancock Street, Hanover Street, Hans Street, Harley Road, Harris Street, Harrison Street, Height Street, Henley Road, Henri Street, Hero Street, High Road, Highgate Street, Highland Road, Hill Street, Hillier Street, Hoek Street, Hoofd Street, Hoop Street, Hope Street, Hospital Street, Hout Street, Hubert Street, Hulbert Road, Hull Street, Charles Street, Church Street, Ibis Street, Ignatius Street, Industrial Road, Inglestone Road, Janie Street, Jeppe Street, Joe Slovo Drive, Johannes Street, John Street, Jolly Street, Jorissen Street, Joubert Street, Jules Street, Jupiter Street, Juta, Juta Street, Karl Street, Katjiepiering Street, Kay Street, Kerk Street, King George Street, Kitchener Avenue, Klein Street, Koch Street, Kotze Street, Krause Street, Kruis Street, Laub Street, Lemon Street, Leyds Street, Lillian Road, Long Street, Loveday Street, Lovers Walk Road, Lower Ross Street, M1 North, M1 South, Maclaren Street, Madison Street, Magnet Street, Mahlatini Street, Main Rd, Main Reef Road, Main Street, Malherbe Street, Market Street, Marshall Street, Martin Street, Maxwell Street, May Road, McDonald Street, Melle Street, Mewett Street, Miller Street, Mint Road, Mooi Street, Natal Street, Nelson Mandela bridge, Noord Street, Norfolk Road, Nourse Street, Nugget Street, Nursery Road, O'Reilly Road, Old Heidelberg Road, Old Heidelberg Road S, Olivia Avenue, Op De Bergen Street, Ophir Booysens Road, Ophir Road, Owl Road, Park Drive, Park Lane, Park Road, Park Street, Pearce Street, Pine Avenue, Pioneer Road, Plein Street, Polly Street, Prelude Avenue, President Street, Press Avenue, Pretoria Street, Primrose Terrace, Princess Street, Priscilla Street, Pritchard Street, Prop Street, Prospect Road, Quartz Street, Queen Elizabeth Bridge, Queen Elizabeth Drive, Queen Road, Queen Street, Queens Road, Quince Street, Quinn Street, Railway Street, Renaissance Drive, Renown Street, Reserve Street, Ridout Street, Richards Street, Richmond Avenue, Rissik Street, Roberts Avenue, Rocky Street, Roger Street, Rogers Street, Rosettenville Road, Rus Road, Saint David Place, Saint Georges Street, Saratoga Avenue, Sauer Street, Scott Street, Sherwell Street, Shore Street, Simmonds Street, Smal Street, Smit Street, Solomon Street, Somerset Street, South Park Lane, Spanker Street, Stanley Avenue East, Station Street, Stephenson Street, Stone Street, Subway Road, Terrace Road, The Curve, Troye Street, Trump Street, Twist Street, Tyne Street, Van Beek Street, Van Der Merwe Street, Victoria Avenue, Viljoen, Vista Close, Von Brandis Street, Webber Street, Wendell Street, Western Boulevard, Wilhelmina Street, Wits West Campus internal road, Wolmarans Street, Yale Rd, York Street

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