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You can find the list of streets in the ebook with the map as well. The list in the ebook is active (it is possible to click to any street to get to the page, where it is displayed). If you just want to download the map then use the link at the list of streets here.

Streets on the map of Christchurch

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Aberdeen Street, Acton Street, Airedale Pl, Alexandra Street, Alfred Street, Allen Street, Amuri Park, Anderson Street, Andover Street, Antigua Street, Armagh Street, Ash Street, Avalon Street, Avonside Drive, Ayr Street, Balfour Terrace, Barbados Street, Barrington Street, Bartlett Street, Bath Street, Battersea Street, Bealey Ave, Bedford Row, Bernard Street, Berry Street, Beveridge St, Blenheim Road, Bordesley Street, Bracken Street, Bradshaw Place, Buccleugh Street, Burke Street, Byron Street, Cambridge Terrace, Canon St, Carlyle, Cashel Mall, Cashel Street, Cass Street, Cathedral Square, Caton Street, Clare Road, Clarence Street, Clarkson Avenue, Clifford Avenue, Clissold Street, Clive Street, Clothier Street, Colombo Street, Conference Street, Cowlishaw Street, Cross Street, Cumberland Street, Daresbury Lane, Darvel Street, Deans Avenue, Derby Street, Desmond St, Dickens Street, Disraeli Street, Dorset Street, Draper Street, Dublin Street, Duke Street, Dundas Street, Durham Street, Eaton Place, Edmond Street, Elizabeth Street, Elm Grove, Elmdale Lane, Ely Street, England Street, Ensors Road, Essex Street, Eversleigh Street, Exeter Street, Fairfield Avenue, Falsgrave Street, Fendalton Road, Ferry Road, Fielding Street, Fitzgerald Ave, Fitzgerald Avenue, Fitzgerald Street, Forth Street, Foster Street, Frederick Street, Freyberg Avenue, Fulton Avenue, Galbraith Avenue, Garden Road, Gasson Street, Geraldine St, Gilby Street, Glade Avenue, Glasgow Street, Gloucester Street, Gracefield Avenue, Grenville Street, Grove Road, Haast Street, Halley Place, Hanmer Street, Harper Avenue, Harrow Street, Hart Street, Harvey Terrace, Hazeldean Road, Hereford Street, Hewitts Road, Heywood Terrace, High Street, Highbury Place, Highgate Ave, Holly Road, Holmwood Road, Horatio Street, Huggins Pl, Hurley Street, Chancery Lane, Charles Street, Chatham Street, Cheltenham Street, Chester Street, Chester Street West, Church Lane, Church Square, Church Street, Inglis Street, Isabella Place, Jack Hinton Drive, Jacksons Road, Keller Street, Kenilworth Street, Kent Street, Kilmarnock Street, Kilmore Street, Kingsley Street, Knox Ln, Kyle Street, Lancaster Street, Latimer Square, Leamington Street, Leeds Street, Leyden Street, Lichfield Street, Lincoln Road, Linwood Avenue, Lismore Street, Liverpool Street, Livingstone Avenue, Lois Place, London Street, Lowe Street, Lychgate Close, Lyndon Street, Madras Street, Maling Street, Mandeville Street, Manchester Street, Manning Place, Marlborough Street, Maxwell Street, Mayfair Street, McLeod Street, Medway Street, Melrose Street, Merivale Lane, Moa Place, Montreal Street, Moorehouse Avenue, Moorhouse Avenue, Mortimer Place, Mowbray Street, Naseby Street, Nelson Street, Newcastle Street, Nikau Place, North Avon Road, Nursery Road, Oakford Close, Olliviers Road, Onslow Street, Otley Street, Oxford Terrace, Parade Court, Park Terrace, Parlane Street, Patten Street, Peacock Ln, Perth Street, Peterborough Street, Petrie Street, Peverel Street, Philips Street, Picton Avenue, Pilgrim Place, Pope Street, Poplar Street, Poulson Street, Poynder Avenue, Princess Street, Queens Avenue, Raglan Street, Randall Street, Ranfurly Street, Repton Street, Retreat Road, Rhodes Street, Riccarton Avenue, Rochdale Street, Rolleston Avenue, Rossall Street, Royds Street, Ryan Street, Salisbury Street, Sandyford Street, Saxon Street, Seton Street, Shakespeare Road, Sherbourne Street, Short Street, Shrewsbury Street, Silverdale Place, Southwark Street, Springfield Road, Stanmore Road, Stevens Street, Stewart Street, Stoneyhurst Street, Strand Lane, subway, Swanns Road, Talfourd Place, Tancred Street, Templar Street, Thackeray Street, Tonbridge Street, Trent Street, Trist Pl, Tuam Street, Tweed Street, Tyne Street, Victoria Square, Victoria Street, Vogel Street, Wairarapa Terrace, Walker Street, Walsall Street, Waltham Road, Ward Street, Warwick Street, Washington Way, Webb Street, Welles Street, Wellington Street, Whitmore Street, Wilmer Street, Winchcombe Street, Winchester Street, Wise Street, Woodham Road, Woodhouse Street, Worcester Street, Wordsworth Street

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