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You can find the list of streets in the ebook with the map as well. The list in the ebook is active (it is possible to click to any street to get to the page, where it is displayed). If you just want to download the map then use the link at the list of streets here.

Streets on the map of Chicago

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14th Street, Ashland Avenue, Benton Place, Burkhardt Dr, Canal Street, Cityfront Plaza Dr, Clark Street, Clarmont Ave, Columbus Drive, Damen Avenue, Dan Ryan Expressway, Dearborn Street, Dewitt, E 13th St, E 14th Pl, E 14th St, E 16th St, E Balbo Dr, E Benton Pl, E Delaware Pl, E Erie St, E Hubbard St, E Huron St, E Chestnut St, E Illinois St, E Kinzie St, E North Water St, E Oak St, E Ohio St, E Tower Ct, E Waldron Dr, E Waterside Dr, East 11th Street, East 8th Street, East 9th Street, East Adams Street, East Balbo Drive, East Congress Parkway, East Grand Avenue, East Jackson Boulevard, East Lake Shore Drive, East Lake St, East Lake Street, East Madison Street, East Monroe Street, East North Water Street, East Ohio Street, East Ontario Street, East Randolph Street, East Roosevelt Road, East South Water Street, East Van Buren Street, East Wacker Drive, East Wacker Place, East Washington Street, Eisenhower Expressway, Express Lanes, Franklin Blvd, Chicago Avenue, Indiana Avenue, Kennedy Expressway, Lake Front Cycle Trail, Lake Shore Drive, Lower Beaubien Ct, Lower Illinois St, Lower Michigan Ave, Lower Randolph Street, Lower South Water Street, Lower Wacker Dr, Madison St, McFetridge Dr, Mies van der Rohe, Michigan Avenue, Milwaukee Avenue, N Aberdeen St, N Ada St, N Albany Ave, N Armour St, N Artesian Ave, N Ashland Ave, N Ashland Blvd, N Beaubien Ct, N Bell Ave, N Bishop St, N California Ave, N Carpenter St, N Claremont Ave, N Clinton St, N Cortez St, N Damen Ave, N Dearborn St, N Desplaines St, N Elizabeth St, N Fairbanks Court, N Fairfield Ave, N Field Blvd, N Francisco Ave, N Garland Ct, N Green St, N Greenview Ave, N Harbor Dr, N Hart St, N Hermitage Ave, N Hoyne Ave, N Cherry Ave, N Kingsbury St, N Larrabee St, N Leavitt St, N Loomis St, N Maplewood Ave, N Marshfield Ave, N May St, N Mohawk St, N Morgan St, N Mozart St, N Noble St, N Oakley Blvd, N Ogden Ave, N Oswego St, N Peoria St, N Post Pl, N Racine Ave, N Rush St, N Sacramento Blvd, N Sangamon St, N Sawyer Ave, N Seeley Ave, N St Clair St, N Talman Ave, N Throop St, N Troy St, N Union Ave, N Washtenaw Ave, N Western Ave, N Whipple St, N Wolcott Ave, North Canal Street, North Clark Street, North Clinton Street, North Columbus Drive, North Dearborn Street, North Desplaines Street, North Franklin Street, North Halsted Street, North Jefferson Street, North Lake Shore Drive, North LaSalle Street, North Michigan Avenue, North Morgan Street, North New Street, North Orleans Street, North Sedgwick Street, North State Street, North Wabash Avenue, North Wells Street, Prarie Avenue, Randolph Street, S Aberdeen St, S Ada St, S Albany Ave, S Artesian Ave, S Ashland Ave, S Bell Ave, S Blue Island Ave, S California Ave, S Campbell Ave, S Canal St, S Claremont Ave, S Damen Ave, S Desplaines St, S Francisco Ave, S Halsted St, S Hamilton Ave, S Hermitage Ave, S Honore St, S Hoyne Ave, S Kedzie Ave, S Laflin St, S Leavitt St, S Loomis St, S Lytle St, S Maplewood Ave, S May St, S Mozart St, S Newberry Ave, S Oakley Ave, S Oakley Blvd, S Paulina St, S Peoria St, S Plymouth Ct, S Prairie Avenue, S Racine Ave, S Richmond St, S Sacramento Blvd, S Sangamon St, S Sawyer Ave, S Seeley Ave, S Talman Ave, S Throop St, S Tilden St, S Troy St, S Washtenaw Ave, S Western Ave, S Whipple St, S Winchester Ave, S Wolcott Ave, S Wood St, South Aberdeen Street, South Ashland Avenue, South Carpenter Street, South Clark Street, South Clinton Street, South Columbus Drive, South Dearborn Street, South Federal Street, South Financial Place, South Franklin Street, South Halsted Street, South Jefferson Street, South LaSalle Street, South Loomis Street, South May Street, South Michigan Avenue, South Miller Street, South Morgan Street, South Park Terrace, South Peoria Street, South Racine Avenue, South Ruble Street, South State Street, South Union Avenue, South Wabash Avenue, South Wacker Drive, South Water Street, South Wells Street, W 12th Pl, W 13th Pl, W 13th St, W 14th Pl, W 14th St, W 15th Pl, W 15th St, W 16th St, W 17th Pl, W 17th St, W Adams St, W Ancona St, W Anson Pl, W Arbor Pl, W Arcade Pl, W Arthington St, W Augusta Blvd, W Bowler St, W Cabrini St, W Calhoun Pl, W Carroll Ave, W Congress Pky, W Cortez Dr, W Cortez St, W Cottage Pl, W Couch Pl, W Court Pl, W Douglas Blvd, W Erie St, W Fillmore St, W Flournoy St, W Franklin Blvd, W Fry St, W Fulton St, W Gladys Ave, W Grand Ave, W Grenshaw St, W Haddock Pl, W Haines St, W Harrison St, W Hastings St, W Hobbie St, W Hubbard St, W Huron St, W Chestnut St, W Iowa St, W Jackson Blvd, W Kinzie St, W Kinzie St., W Lake St, W Lexington St, W Locust St, W Maxwell St, W Maypole Ave, W Monroe St, W Oak St, W Ogden Ave, W Ohio St, W Ontario St, W Pearson St, W Polk St, W Quincy St, W Race Ave, W Randolph St, W Rice St, W Superior St, W Taylor St, W Thomas St, W Tilden St, W Van Buren St, W Walnut St, W Walton St, W Warren Ave, W Warren Blvd, W Washburne Ave, W Washington Blvd, W Wayman St, W Wendell St, W Wilcox St, Wabash Avenue, Wacker Dr, Wacker Drive, Walton Place, Wells Street, West 9th Street, West Adams Street, West Augusta Blvd, West Congress Parkway, West Harrison Street, West Hubbard Street, West Chicago Avenue, West Jackson Boulevard, West Lake Street, West Madison Street, West Monroe Street, West Ohio Street, West Ontario Street, West Polk Street, West Quincy Street, West Randolph Street, West Roosevelt Road, West Taylor Street, West Van Buren Street, West Washington Street, Westshore Drive

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