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Here you can find list of streets displayed on Auckland - map

You can find the list of streets in the ebook with the map as well. The list in the ebook is active (it is possible to click to any street to get to the page, where it is displayed). If you just want to download the map then use the link at the list of streets here.

Streets on the map of Auckland

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Abbey Street, Adelaide Street, Airedale Street, Akaroa Street, Albert Street, Alfred Street, Alten Road, Anglesea Street, Anzac Avenue, Aorere Street, Arthur Street, Avon Street, Ayr Street, Bacon Lane, Balfour Road, Bankside Street, Barry Street, Bath Street, Bayard Street, Beach Road, Beaumont Street, Beckham Place, Bedford Street, Birdwood Crescent, Blake Street, Boardman Lane, Bouzaid Way, Bowen Avenue, Bowen Lane, Bradford Street, Brickfield Way, Burgoyne Street, Burns Street, Burrows Avenue, Cameron Street, Canada Street, Cargill Street, Carlaw Park Avenue, Caroline Street, Cascade Street, Cathedral Place, Centre Street, City Road, Claybrook Road, Cleveland Road, Cobden Street, College Hill, Collingwood Street, Commerce Street, Constitution Hill, Cook Street, Corunna Ave, Courthouse Lane, Cowan Street, Cross Street, Crummer Road, Customs Street East, Customs Street West, Dacre Street, Daldy Street, Darby Street, Day Street, Denby Street, Dickens Street, Dock Street, Dockside Lane, Domain Drive, Douglas Street, Dovedale Place, Drake Street, Dublin Street, Dunedin Street, Durham Lane, Durham Street East, Durham Street West, Earle Street, East Street, Eden Crescent, Edinburgh Street, Elizabeth Street, Elliot Street, Emily Place, Emmet Street, England Street, Exchange Lane, Falcon Street, Fanshawe Street, Faraday Street, Farnham Street, Federal Street, Ferncroft Street, Fields Lane, Fitzroy Street, Fort Lane, Fort Street, Fox Street, France Street, Franklin Road, Freyberg Place, Galway Street, Garfield Street, Gaunt Street, Georgina Street, Gibraltar Crescent, Gladstone Road, Glenside Crescent, Gore Street, Gore Street Lane, Gorst Lane, Governor Fitzroy Place, Grafton Bridge, Grafton Mews, Graham Street, Grattan Place, Great North Road, Green Street, Greenwich Place, Gudgeon Street, Gundry Street, Gunson Street, Hackett Street, Halsey Street, Hamer Street, Harbour Street, Hardinge Street, Hargreaves Street, Hayden Street, Heather Street, Hepburn Street, Hereford Street, High Street, Hobson Street, Hopetoun Road, Howe Street, Chancery Street, Chapman Street, Cheshire Street, Churchill Street, Churton Street, Ian Mackinnon Drive, Ireland Street, Jacob's Ladder, Jellicoe Street, Jervois Road, Julian Street, Karaka Street, Karangahape Road, Kent Street, Kenwyn Street, Khartoum Place, Kingston Street, Kitchener Street, Leighton Street, Lincoln Street, Little High Street, Liverpool Street, London Street, Lorne Street, Lovers Lane, Lovers Walk, Lower Albert Street, Lower Hobson Street, Lyndock Street, Madden Street, Maidstone Street, Margaret Street, Market Lane, Market Place, Marmion Street, Marston Street, Maunsell Road, Maunsell Road Extension, Mayoral Drive, Melford Street, Mercury Lane, Middle Street, Millais Street, Mills Lane, Mira Street, Moehau Road, Monmouth Street, Morton Street, Mount Street, Murdoch Road, Mutu Street, Napier Street, Neales Lane, Nelson Street, New Street, Nicholas Street, Nicholls Lane, Nixon Street, Norfolk Street, O'Connell Street, Ophir Street, Pacific Place, Paget Street, Park Avenue, Parliament Street, Parnell Rise, Parnell Road, Picton Street, Pitt Street, Plumer Street, Pollen Street, Pompalier Terrace, Ponsonby Road, Powerhouse Lane, Poynton Terrace, Pratt Street, Princes Street, Quay Street, Queen Elizabeth II Square, Queen Street, Randolph Street, Redmond Street, Renall Street, Ring Terrace, Rose Road, Ruskin Street, Russell Street, Rutland Street, Ryle Street, Saint Martins Lane, Saint Mary's Road, Saint Marys Close, Saint Pauls Street, Saint Stephens Avenue, Sale Street, Scanlan Street, Scarborough Lane, Scarborough Terrace, Scotia Place, Scotland Street, Selby Square, Seymour Street, Sheehan Street, Shelly Beach Road, Sheridan Lane, Short Street, Shortland Street, Smith Street, South Street, Spring Street, St James Street, Stanley Street, Stanwell Street, Stratford Street, Sturdee Street, Sussex Street, Swanson Street, Swift Avenue, Symonds Street, Tahuna Street, Tamaki Drive, Telpher Street, Tennis Lane, The Crescent, The Quad, The Strand, Tika Street, Tilden Street, Tinley Street, Titoki Street, Tole Street, Tooley Street, Trinity Close, Turner Street, Tweed Street, Tyler Street, Union Street, Upper Queen Street, Vermont Street, Victoria Street East, Victoria Street West, Vincent Street, Vine Street, Vogel Lane, Vulcan Lane, Waima Street, Wakefield Street, Warimu Place, Watt Street, Wellesley Street East, Wellesley Street West, Wellington Street, West Street, West Terrace, Westhaven Drive, Westwood Terrace, Whitaker Place, White Street, Wilkins Street, Windsor Street, Winchester Street, Winn Road, Wolfe Street, Wood Street, Wyndham Street, Wynyard Street, York Street

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