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Here you can find list of streets displayed on Sydney - map

You can find the list of streets in the ebook with the map as well. The list in the ebook is active (it is possible to click to any street to get to the page, where it is displayed). If you just want to download the map then use the link at the list of streets here.

Streets on the map of Sydney

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2, 3, 4, 5, Abercrombie Lane, Abercrombie Street, Ada Place, Adelaide Street, Adolphus Street, Albert Street, Albion Avenue, Albion Lane, Albion Place, Albion Street, Alexander Lane, Alexander Street, Alfred Street, Alfred Street Exit, Alfred Street North, Alfred Street South, Allen Street, Alma Street, Amos Lane, Anderson Street, Angel Place, Annandale Street, Anzac Parade, Argyle Lane, Argyle Place, Argyle Street, Arnold Place, Art Gallery Road, Arthur Lane, Arthur Street, Arundel Street, Ash Street, Aubin Street, Avenue Road, Badham Avenue, Balfour Street, Balls Head Road, Balmain East, Bank Lane, Bank Street, Barcom Avenue, Barff Road, Barlow Street, Baroda Street, Barrack Street, Barry Lane, Barry Street, Bartley Street, Bates Avenue, Bathurst Street, Bay Lane, Bay Road, Bay Street, Bayswater Road, Bayview Street, Beattie Lane, Beauchamp Lane, Beaumont Street, Bedford Street, Bellevue Lane, Bellevue Street, Belmore Place, Belvoir Street, Ben Boyd Road, Bennett Avenue, Bennett Place, Berry Street, Berwick Lane, Bettington Street, Beulah Street, Billyard Avenue, Bishopsgate, Blackburn Circuit, Blackburn Street, Blackfriars Street, Blake Street, Bland Street, Bligh Street, Bloomfield Lane, Blue Street, Blues Point Road, Bond Street, Boomerang Place, Boundary Lane, Boundary Street, Bourke Street, Bowes Avenue, Bowman Street, Boyd Lane, Boyle Street, Bradfield Highway, Bradley Lane, Bray Street, Brett Avenue, Bridge End, Bridge Lane, Bridge Road, Bridge Street, Brisbane Street, Britannia Lane, Broadside Street, Broadway, Brooklyn Lane, Broome Avenue, Brougham Lane, Brougham Street, Broughton Lane, Broughton Street, Brown Lane, Brown Street, Browns Lane, Brumby Street, Buckingham Street, Buckland Street, Bulwara Road, Bunn Lane, Bunn Street, Burnell Place, Burnett Street, Burton Lane, Burton Street, Butt Street, Cable Street, Cahill Expressway, Cahill Walk, Calder Lane, Calder Road, Caldwell Street, Caledonia Street, Calliope Lane, Calypso Avenue, Cambridge Street, Camden Lane, Campbell Avenue, Campbell Lane, Campbell Street, Canrobert Street, Cardigan Street, Carillion Avenue, Caroline Lane, Caroline Street, Carr Street, Carrington Street, Cascade Street, Castleraegh Lane, Cathedral Street, Catherine Street, Centennial Plaza, Central Street, Circular Quay - Wharf 6, City Road, Clapton Place, Clare Street, Clark Road, Clarke Street, Clement Place, Clement Street, Cleveland Avenue, Cleveland Lane, Cleveland Street, Cliff Top Walk, Clifton Lane, Clifton Street, Clisdell Street, Codrington Street, Colbourne Avenue, Colgate Avenue, College Lane, College Street, Collins Lane, Collins Street, Commodore Crescent, Commodore Street, Commonwealth Lane, Commonwealth Street, Cook Street, Cooper Lane, Cooper Street, Cope Street, Council Place, County Avenue, Cow Lane, Cowper Lane, Cowper Street, Cowper Wharf Road, Cowper Wharf Road Exit, Craigend Street, Crawford Place, Cremorne Road, Cresent Place, Cross City Tunnel, Cross Street, Crown Street, Crows Nest Road, Cumberland Place, Cumberland Street, Cunningham Place, Cunningham Street, Curtin Place, Cuthbert Street, Dalgety Road, Dalley Street, Dangar Place, Dangar Street, Daniels Street, Darghan Lane, Darley Place, Darley Street, Darling Drive, Darling Lane, Darling Point Road, Darling Street, Darlinghurst Road, Darlington Lane, Darlington Road, Dawson Street, Day Street, De Mestre Place, Denham Lane, Denham Street, Denison Street, Denman Lane, Derby Lane, Derby Place, Derwent Lane, Derwent Street, Devonshire Street, Dick Street, Dillon Lane, Dillon Street, Distillery Drive, Dixon Street, Donnelly Street, Doris Lane, Doris Street, Dots Lane, Douglas Lane, Dowling Street, Downshire Place, Downshire Stairs, Druitt Place, Druitt Street, Duke Place, Duke Street, Dumbarton Street, Duncan Street, Duxford Lane, Duxford Street, Dwyer Street, Eagar Street, Earl Place, Earl Street, East Crescent Street, East Street, Eastbourne Road, Eastern Avenue, Eastern Distributor, Eddy Avenue, Education Lane, Edward Lane, Edward Street, Edwin Street, Elim Place, Elizabeth Lane, Elizabeth Street, Elliot Street, Ennis Road, Erskine Street, Esplanade, Esther Lane, Esther Street, Euroka Street, Evans Road, Eveleigh Street, Experiment Street, Factory Street, Farnell Street, Farrell Avenue, Farrer Place, Ferry Lane, Ferry Road, Fig Lane, Fig Street, Finger Wharf walkway, fish market, Fisher Road, Fitzroy Lane, Fitzroy Place, Fitzroy Street, Flinders Street, Flinton Street, Florence Lane, Florence Street, Foley Street, footbridge, Forbes Place, Forbes Street, Forsyth Lane, Forsyth Street, Forth Street, Foster Lane, Foster Street, Foy Lane, Francis Lane, Francis Street, Franklin Street, French Street, Fullerton Street, Furber Lane, Fyfe Place, Fyfe Street, Gallimore Avenue, Garrard Lane, Gas Lane, Gas Works Road, George Street, Gibbons Street, Gilchrist Place, Gillies Street, Gipps, Gipps Street, Gladstone Street, Glebe Island Bridge, Glebe Lane, Glebe Street, Glebe Tram Stop, Glebe Tram Stop entrance, Glen Street, Glenmore Road, Glenview Street, Gloucester Street, Goodchap Street, Goodlet Street, Goodmans Terrace, Goold Street, Gordon Lane, Gordon Street, Gore Cove Track, Goulburn Street, Grafton Lane, Grafton Street, Greek Street, Green Street, Greenknowe Avenue, Greenoaks Avenue, Greens Road, Greenway Drive, Greenway Lane, Gresham Street, Griffin Place, Griffin Street, Griffiths Street, Griffth Street, Grose Street, Grosvenor Street, Grosvenor Walk, Gurner Street, Guthrie Avenue, Hackett Street, Haig Lane, Hampden Avenue, Hands Lane, Harbour Bridge Cycleway, Harbour Street, Harbour View Crescent, Hardie Street, Hargrave Lane, Hargrave Street, Harmer Street, Harnett Street, Harriette Street, Harriott Street, Harris Street, Harrison Lane, Hart Street, Harvey Street, Harwood Lane, Harwood Street, Hay Street, Hayden Place, Hayes Street, Henrietta Street, Henry Avenue, Henson Lane, Herbert Street, Hercules Street, Hickey Lane, High Holborn Street, High Lane, High Street, Hill Street, Hipwood Street, Hoddle Street, Hodgson Avenue, Holdsworth Avenue, Holdsworth Lane, Holdsworth Road, Holt Street, Honda Road, Hopetoun Street, Hopewell Lane, Hopewell Street, Horace Street, Horderns Stairs, Hosking Place, Hosking Street, Hudson Street, Hugo Street, Hunt Street, Hunter Crescent, Hunter Street, Hutchinson Place, Hutchinson Street, Challis Avenue, Chalmers Lane, Chalmers Street, Chandler Avenue, Chapel Street, Chaplin Lane, Chapman Lane, Chapman Street, Charles Street, Chelsea Street, Chifley Square, Chippen Street, Chisholm Street, Chiswick Lane, Church Lane, Church Place, Church Street, Chuter Street, Ice Street, Illawarra Street, Iona Lane, Iris Street, Ithaca Road, Ives Steps Wharf, Ivy Lane, Ivy Street, James Lane, James Place, James Street, Jamison Street, Jefferys Street, Jenkins Street, Jersey Road, Jesmond Street, John Street, Johnston Street, Jones Lane, Jones Street, Josephson Street, Jubilee Place, Judge Street, Kallaroo Street, Kareela Road, Kelly Street, Kendal Lane, Kendall Lane, Kendall Street, Kensington Street, Kent Street, Kettle Lane, Kiara Close, Killeen Street, Kilminister Lane, Kimber Lane, King George Street, King Lane, King Street, Kings Cross Road, Kings Lane, Kippax Street, Kirk Street, Kirketon Road, Kirribilli Avenue, Kirribilli Wharf, Knox Street, Kurraba Road, Lacey Street, Lance Lane, Lander Lane, Lander Street, Lang Road, Lang Street, Langley Street, Lansdowne Lane, Lansdowne Street, Larkin Street, Lavender Crescent, Lavender Street, Lawson Lane, Lawson Street, Lee Street, Lemm Street, Levey Street, Lime Street, Lincoln Crescent, Lincoln Place, Linden Lane, Lindsay Avenue, Lindsay Street, Little Albion Street, Little Alfred Street, Little Buckingham Street, Little Collins Street, Little Downling Street, Little Edward Street, Little Eveleigh Street, Little Hunter Street, Little Nicholson Street, Little Oxford Street, Little Queen Street, Little Riley Street, Little Smith Street, Little Walker Street, Little West Street, Little Young Street, Liverpool Street, Loftus Road, Loftus Street, Loch Avenue, Lombard Close, Lombard Street, Lord Street, Louis Street, Louisa Road, Lower Fort Street, Lyndhurst, Lyndhurst Street, Macarthur Avenue, MacArthur Street, MacDonald Street, Mackenzie Street, Mackey Street, MacLachlan Avenue, Maclean Street, Macquarie Place, Macquarie Street, Macquarie Street Exit, Maiden Lane, Main Drive, Maintenance, Major Street, Manning Road, Manns Avenue, Marathon Avenue, Marathon Lane, Margaret Lane, Margaret Place, Margaret Street, Marine Parade, Marion Street, Market Row, Market Street, Marlborough Lane, Marlborough Street, Marriott Street, Marshall Street, Martin Street, Mary Ann Street, Mary Place, Mary Street, Matterson Lane, Maze Crescent, Maze Lane, McDonald Street, McDougall Street, McElhone Street, McGarvie Street, McHatton Street, McKee Street, McKell Street, McLaren Street, McLeod Street, McMahons Point, McManus Street, Meagher Street, Merriman Street, Middle Street, Miles Street, Mill Lane, Mill Street, Miller Lane, Miller Street, Millett Road, Milray Avenue, Mirradong Place, Mitchell Lane, Mitchell Lane West, Mitchell Road, Mitchell Street, Moncur Street, Moore Park Road, Moorgate Lane, Moorgate Street, Morehead Street, Mort Lane, Mort Street, Mosman Street, Mount Street, Mount Street Walk, Mount Vernon Street, Mountain Lane, Mountain Street, Mullins Street, Munro Street, Murdoch Street, Murray Street, Myrtle Street, Napier Street, Napoleon Street, Nesbitt Street, New South Head Road, Newcombe Street, Newlands Lane, Newton Lane, Nickson Street, Nield Avenue, Nicholas Street, Nichols Street, Nicholson Lane, Nicholson Street, Nimrod Street, Nithsdale Street, Nobbs Lane, Nobbs Street, Nook Lane, Norfolk Street, Norton Street, Nottingham Street, Nurses Walk, O'Briens Lane, O'Connell Street, O'Connor Street, Oak Lane, Oak Street, Oaks Lane, Ocean Avenue, Ocean Street, Octagon Road, Olive Street, Olivia Lane, Olympic Drive, Onslow Avenue, Onslow Place, Orlando Avenue, Ormond Street, Orwell Lane, Oswald Lane, Outram Street, Pacific Highway, Paddington Lane, Paddington Street, Palmer Lane, Palmer Street, Palmerston Avenue, Parbury Lane, Park Avenue, Park Lane, Park Road North, Park Street, Parker Lane, Parker Street, Parkes Street, Parkham Lane, Parkham Street, Parramatta Road, Paternoster Row, Paul Street, Pearson Street, Pelican Street, Pembroke Street, Penshurst Avenue, Perry Street, Phelps Lane, Phelps Street, Phillip Lane, Phillip Street, Phillips Lane, Phillips Street, Pier Street, Pile Lane, Pile Place, Pine Lane, Pine Street, Pirrama Road, Pitt Street, Pitt Street Mall, platform access, Playfair Street, Plunkett Street, Poate Lane, Point Street, Poplar Street, Pottinger Street, Powell Street, Premier Lane, Premier Street, Princes Place, Princes Street, Pring Street, Prior Avenue, Priory Road, Prospect Street, Pyrmont Bridge, Pyrmont Bridge Road, Pyrmont Street, Quarry Lane, Quarry Street, Quay Street, Queen Road, Queen Street, Queens Avenue, Raglan Street, Railway Avenue, Railway Street, Rangers Road, Raper Street, Rawson Street, Reddy Street, Redfern Lane, Redfern Street, Refinery Drive, Regent Street, Reiby Place, Reid Avenue, Renny Lane, Renny Street, Renwick Street, Reserve Street, Resevoir Lane, Resevoir Street, Reuss Street, Rialto Lane, Rickard Avenue, Ridge Place, Ridge Street, Richards Avenue, Riley Street, Robertson Lane, Ronald Street, Rose Crescent, Rose Lane, Rose Street, Rose Terrace, Rosebank Street, Rosebud Lane, Rosehill Street, Roslyn Gardens, Ross Street, Rowe Lane, Rowe Street, Rowena Place, Royston Street, Rugby Place, Rush Street, Rutland Street, Ryder Street, Saint James Lane, Saint Marks Road, Samuel Street, Sands Street, Sandwell Street, Saunders Street, Science Road, Scott Street, Scouts Lane, Seale Street, Seamer Street, Selwyn Street, Seymour Place, Shadforth Street, Sheas Lane, Sheehy Street, Shell Cove Road, Shelley Street, Shepherd Lane, Shepherd Street, Sherbrooke Street, Shorter Lane, School Street, Simmons Street, Sims Street, Sir John Young Crescent, Sirius Avenue, Sirius Street, Slip Street, Smithers Street, Sophia Lane, Sophia Street, Soudan Lane, South Avenue, South Dowling Street, South Street, Spofforth Lane, Spofforth Street, Spring Street, Springfield Avenue, Spruson Street, St Andrew Street, St Barnabas Street, St John Street, St Johns Road, St Mary Street, st Neot Avenue, St Peters Street, St. James Road, St. Mary's Road, Stack Street, Stafford Lane, Stafford Street, Stanley Lane, Stanley Street, station concourse, Stephen Lane, Stephen Street, Stewart Place, Stewart Street, Stirling Street, Suffolk Lane, Surrey Lane, Sussex Street, Sutherland Avenue, Sutherland Crescent, Sutherland Street, Sydney Fish Market waterfront, Talfourd Street, Tara Street, Taylor Street, Technology Lane, Telopea Street, Temperance Lane, Terry Street, Tewkesbury Avenue, Thames Street, The Avenue, The Quadrant, Thomas Lane, Thomas Street, Thomson Lane, Thomson Street, Thrupp Street, Toongarah Road, Towns Place, Tram Stop entrances, Trelawney Street, Trinity Avenue, Trinity walkway, Trouton Place, Trouton Street, Trumfield Lane, Tryon Avenue, Tudor Place, Tudor Street, Tunks Street, Ulster Street, Ultimo Road, Underwood Lane, Underwood Street, Union Lane, Union Street, University Avenue, University Place, Upper Avenue Road, Upper Fig Street, Upper Fort Street, Uther Street, Valentine Street, Vernon Street, Verona Street, Victoria Avenue, Victoria Park, Victoria Place, Victoria Street, Vincent Street, Vine Grove, Vine Lane, Vine Street, Violet Street, Vista Lane, Vista Street, Wade Place, Waimea Avenue, Waine Street, Waite Avenue, Waiwera Street, Walker Avenue, Walker Street, Wallace Street, Wallaringa Avenue, Walter Street, Ward Avenue, Ward Street, Warf Road, Warringah Freeway, Warung Street, Waterfront Promenade, waterfront walkway, Waterloo Street, Waterview Street, Watson Road, Wattle Crescent, Wattle Lane, Wattle Street, Waverton Avenue, Webb Street, Weedon Avenue, Wellington Street, Wells Street, Wentworth Avenue, Wentworth Street, West Avenue, West Crescent Street, West End Lane, West Lane, West Street, Western Distributor, Westleigh Lane, Westleigh Street, Westmoreland Lane, Westmoreland Street, Weston Street, Wharf Crescent, Wharf Road, Whatmore Street, Wheeler Lane, Whelan Lane, White Lane, Whites Lane, Wiley Street, William Henry Street, William Lane, William Street, Willoughby Street, Willshire Street, Wilmot Street, Wilona Avenue, Wilson Lane, Wilson Street, Wilton Street, Windeyer Street, Windmill Steps, Windmill Street, Windsor Lane, Windsor Street, Winslow Lane, Winslow Street, Withers Lane, Womerah Lane, Wood Street, Woodburn Street, Woods Lane, Woolcott Street, Wycombe Lane, Wycombe Road, Wylde Street, Wynyard Street, Yarranbee Road, Yeend Street, York Lane, York Street, York Street Exit, Young Lane, Young Street, Yurong Lane, Yurong Street

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