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Here you can find list of streets displayed on Seattle - map

You can find the list of streets in the ebook with the map as well. The list in the ebook is active (it is possible to click to any street to get to the page, where it is displayed). If you just want to download the map then use the link at the list of streets here.

Streets on the map of Seattle

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10th Avenue, 10th Avenue East, 10th Avenue South, 11th Avenue, 11th Avenue East, 12th Avenue, 12th Avenue East, 12th Avenue South, 13th Avenue, 13th Avenue East, 14th Avenue, 14th Avenue East, 14th Avenue South, 15th Avenue, 15th Avenue East, 15th Avenue South, 16th Avenue, 16th Avenue East, 16th Avenue South, 17th Avenue, 17th Avenue East, 1st Avenue, 1st Avenue North, 1st Avenue South, 1st Avenue West, 2nd Avenue, 2nd Avenue Extension South, 2nd Avenue North, 2nd Avenue South, 2nd Avenue West, 3rd Avenue, 3rd Avenue North, 3rd Avenue South, 3rd Avenue West, 4th Avenue, 4th Avenue North, 4th Avenue West, 5th Avenue, 5th Avenue North, 5th Avenue South, 5th Avenue West, 6th Avenue, 6th Avenue North, 6th Avenue South, 6th Avenue West, 7th Avenue, 7th Avenue South, 8th Avenue, 8th Avenue North, 8th Avenue South, 9th Avenue, 9th Avenue North, Airport Way South, Alaskan Way, Alaskan Way South, Alaskan Way Viaduct, Alder Street, Aloha Street, Aurora Avenue North, Battery Street, Bay Street, Bell Street, Bellevue Avenue, Belmont Avenue, Belmont Avenue East, Blanchard Street, Boren Avenue, Boylston Avenue, Boylston Avenue East, Broad Street, Broadway, Broadway East, Broadway Court, Cedar Street, Clay Street, Cobb Alley, Columbia Street, Comstock Place, Comstock Street, Convention Place, Court Place, Crawford Place, Denny Way, Dexter Avenue, Downtown Seattle Transit Tunnel, Eagle Street, East Alder Street, East Aloha Street, East Columbia Street, East Denny Way, East Harrison Street, East Howell Street, East Cherry Street, East James Court, East James Street, East John Street, East Mercer Street, East Nelson Place, East Olive Place, East Olive Way, East Pike Street, East Pine Street, East Prospect Street, East Republican Street, East Roy Street, East Seneca Street, East Spruce Street, East Terrace Street, East Thomas Street, East Union Street, East Valley Street, East Ward Street, East Yesler Way, Eastlake Avenue, Eastlake Avenue East, Elliott Avenue, Elliott Avenue West, Fairview Avenue, Fairview Avenue North, Federal Avenue East, Harrison Street, Harvard Avenue, Harvard Avenue East, Highland Drive, Howell Street, Cherry Street, I 5 Express Lanes, I-90 Express Lanes, Interstate 5, Interstate 5 Collector/Distributor, Interstate 90, Interstate 90 East, Interstate 90 Eastbound, Interstate 90 Westbound, James Street, Jefferson Street, John Street, Lakeview Boulevard East, Lee Street, Lenora Street, Madison Court, Madison Street, Marion Street, Maynard Avenue South, Melrose Avenue, Melrose Avenue East, Mercer Street, Minor Avenue, Nagle Place, News Lane, Nob Hill Avenue North, Occidental Avenue South, Olive Way, Pike Place, Pike Street, Pine Street, Pontius Avenue North, Post Alley, Post Avenue, Prospect Street, Queen Anne Avenue North, Queen Anne Way, Republican Street, Roy Street, Seattle Streetcar South Lake Union Line, Seneca Street, South Dean Street, South Dearborn Street, South Charles Street, South Jackson Street, South King Street, South Lane Street, South Main Street, South Norman Street, South Royal Brougham Way, South Weller Street, Spring Street, Spruce Street, Stewart Street, Summit Avenue, Summit Avenue East, Taylor Avenue, Taylor Avenue North, Terrace Street, Terry Avenue, Terry Avenue North, Thomas Street, Tower Place, Union Street, University Street, Valley Street, Vine Street, Virginia Street, Volunteer Park Road, Wall Street, Ward Place, Ward Street, Warren Avenue North, Warren Place, West Harrison Street, West John Street, West Kinnear Place, West Mercer Street, West Olympic Place, West Prospect Street, West Roy Street, West Thomas Street, Western Avenue, Westlake Avenue, Westlake Avenue North, Yale Avenue, Yale Avenue North, Yesler Way

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