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Here you can find list of streets displayed on Pretoria - map

You can find the list of streets in the ebook with the map as well. The list in the ebook is active (it is possible to click to any street to get to the page, where it is displayed). If you just want to download the map then use the link at the list of streets here.

Streets on the map of Pretoria

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10th Avenue, 10th Street, 11th Avenue, 11th Street, 12th Avenue, 13th Avenue, 14th Avenue, 15th Avenue, 16th Avenue, 17th Avenue, 18th Avenue, 19th Avenue, 1st Avenue, 1st Street, 20th Avenue, 21st Avenue, 22nd Avenue, 23rd Avenue, 24th Avenue, 26th Avenue, 27th Avenue, 28th Avenue, 29th Avenue, 2nd Avenue, 2nd Street, 30th Avenue, 31st Avenue, 32nd Avenue, 33rd Avenue, 34th Avenue, 3rd Avenue, 3rd Street, 4th Avenue, 4th Street, 5th Avenue, 5th Street, 6th Street, 7th Avenue, 7th Street, 8th Avenue, 8th Street, 9th Street, Adcock Street, Adriaan Street, Almeda Street, Amos Street, Antionette Street, Arcadia Street, Athlone Street, August Street, Avril Street, Bailey Lane, Balmoral Avenue, Bazaar Street, Beatrix Street, Beckett Street, Behrens Street, Belrene Street, Belvedere Street, Benade Street, Bernard Street, Betty Street, Blackwood Street, Blake Street, Boom Street, Booysen Street, Bosch Street, Bosman Street, Botha Street, Brian Street, Briscoe Lane, Brown Street, Bureau Lane, Burns Street, Caledon Street, Casper Avenue, Catharina Street, Ceres Street, Clarence Place, Cobham Road, Combrink Street, Cowie Street, Dale Street, DF Malan Drive, Doreen Street, Douglas Street, Downie Street, Dr Savage Road, Dubochet Place, Dumbarton Road, Duncan Street, Eastwood Street, Eben Roux Street, Edmond Street, Ella Street, Eloff Street, Elsa Street, Eva Avenue, Faure Street, Fehrs Avenue, Festival Street, Flowers Street, Frances Street, Frates Road, Frederika Street, Frieda Street, Frits Street, Gate Street, Geelhout Street, George Avenue, Glyn Street, Gordon Road, Government Avenue, Grand Street, Grosvenor Street, Haarlem Street, Hadley Street, Hamilton Avenue, Harcourt Street, Harris Street, Helen Street, Herbert Road, Hercules Street, Herman Street, Heuwel Street, Hill Street, Hill Terrace, Chamberlain Street, Charter Place, Christoffel Street, Church Square, Church Street, Jacobs Street, James Clark Street, Jan Hugo Street, Jerusalem Street, Johann Street, Kate Avenue, Ketjen Street, Kruger Street, Leyds Street, Locomotive Street, Luttig Street, Lys Street, Mahonie Street, Malan Street, Malherbe Street, Maltzan Street, Manie Bredell Street, Mann Street, Mansfield Avenue, Mansfield Avenue; Paul Kruger, Maria Du Plessis, Martin Place, Meath Road, Merley Street, Merton Avenue, Michaelson Street, Mogg Avenue, Mogul Street, Momberg Street, Morrison Avenue, Mutual Street, Napier Street, Nassau Street, Neal Street, Neethling Street, Nelson Mandela Drive, Newman Avenue, North Street, Nuffield Street, Ockerse Street, Osborne, Parker Street, Parlement Street, Partridge Avenue, Paul Kruger, Paul Kruger Street, Percy Street, Perks Street, Pierneef Street, Pine Street, Potgieter Street, Pou Street, Pres Burgers Street, Pretorius Street, Regent Street, Retief Street, Richard Street, Rood Street, Rose Street, Rothsay Road, Russel Street, Sheperd Street, School Lane, Schurmanns Avenue, Sinovich Street, Solomon Street, Staatsartillerie Road, Stand Street, Stead, Stead Avenue, Struben Street, Stuart Street, Suzanna Street, Tait Street, Talana Avenue, Terblanche Street, Thomas Avenue, Todd Avenue, Uitsig Street, Union Road, Van Der Hoff Road, Van Der Merwe Street, Van Der Walt Street, Venter Street, Vermeulen, Viljoen Street, Volkstem Avenue, Vom Hagen Street, Von Wielligh Street, Watkins Avenue, Well Street, Welthagen Street, Wolhuterskop Avenue, Wren Lane, Zeederberg Street, Zeiler Street, Ziervogel Street

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