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Streets on the map of Portsmouth

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Ackworth Road, Adair Road, Adames Road, Addison Road, Agincourt Road, Airport Service Road, Airspeed Road, Albany Road, Albert Grove, Albert Road, Alex Way, Alexandra Road, Alfred Road, Algiers Road, Alhambra Road, All Saint's Road, All Saints Street, Allen's Road, Alma Terrace, Althorpe Drive, Alver Road, Alverstone Road, Amberley Road, Amyas Court, Andover Road, Andrew Close, Angerstein Road, Anglesea Road, Anchorage Road, Anson Road, Apsley Road, Ariel Road, Artillery Terrace, Arundel Street, Ascot Road, Ashburton Road, Ashby Place, Astley Street, Aston Road, Atalanta Close, Auckland Road East, Auckland Road West, Avocet Close, Avondale Road, Aylesbury Road, Aylward Street, Baileys Road, Baker Street, Balfour Road, Balliol Road, Barham Way, Barnes Road, Barton Grove, Basin Street, Bath Road, Beach Road, Beatrice Road, Beaufort Road, Beaulieu Road, Beck Street, Bedhampton Road, Beecham Road, Beechwood Road, Belgravia Road, Bellevue Terrace, Belmont Street, Belmore Close, Benham Drive, Beresford Road, Berkshire Close, Berney Road, Bertie Road, Bettesworth Road, Bevis Road, Billing Close, Bilton Way, Blackfriars Close, Blackfriars Road, Blakesley Lane, Blenheim Court, Blount Road, Bonchurch Road, Bosham Road, Boulton Road, Bowler Court, Bradford Road, Brading Avenue, Bramble Road, Brampton Lane, Bramshott Road, Brandon Road, Brasted Court, Bridgeside Close, Bridport Street, Bristol Road, Britannia Road, Brompton Road, Brookfield Road, Broom Close, Brougham Road, Brownlow Close, Bruce Road, Brunel Road, Brunswick Street, Buckby Lane, Buckingham Street, Buckland Street, Bucklers Court, Burgoyne Road, Buriton Street, Burleigh Road, Burlington Road, Burnaby Road, Burrfields Road, Bush Street West, Byerley Road, Byron Road, Cadnam Road, Cambridge Road, Campbell Road, Canal Walk, Canterbury Road, Cardiff Road, Carisbrooke Road, Carlisle Road, Carnarvon Road, Carpenter Close, Castle Close, Castle Road, Catisfield Road, Cavendish Road, Cecil Grove, Cecil Place, Cedar Grove, Central Street, Centurion Gardens, Circular Road, Claremont Road, Clarence Parade, Clarence Road, Clarence Street, Clarendon Place, Clarendon Road, Clarendon Street, Clarkes Road, Claybank Road, Claybank Spur, Clegg Road, Cleveland Road, Clifton Road, Clifton Street, Clifton Terrace, Clive Road, Clocktower Drive, Clovelly Road, Clydebank Road, Cobden Avenue, Coburg Street, Cockleshell Gardens, Colebrook Avenue, Collingwood Road, Collins Road, Collis Road, Commercial Road, Compton Road, Conan Road, Coniston Avenue, Connaught Road, Cooper Road, Copnor Road, Copper Street, Corby Crescent, Cornwall Road, Cornwallis Crescent, Cornwell Close, Cottage Grove, Cottage View, Cotton Road, Crabbe Court, Craneswater Gate, Craneswater Park, Cranleigh Avenue, Cranleigh Road, Cressy Road, Croft Road, Crofton Road, Cromarty Avenue, Cromwell Road, Croxton Road, Culver Road, Cumberland Street, Cunningham Close, Cuthbert Road, Cyprus Road, Darlington Road, Dartmouth Road, Daventry Lane, De Lisle Close, Delamere Road, Derby Road, Devon Road, Devonshire Avenue, Devonshire Square, Dickens Close, Dickinson Road, Dieppe Crescent, Domum Road, Dorothy Dymond Street, Dorrita Close, Douglas Road, Dover Road, Doyle Avenue, Doyle Close, Drayton Road, Driftwood Gardens, Drummond Road, Dudley Road, Duke Crescent, Dumbarton Close, Dunbar Road, Duncan Road, Dundas Close, Dundas Lane, Dunlin Close, Dunn Close, Dunsmore Close, Dupree Drive, Durban Road, Durham Street, Earlsdon Street, Eastbourne Road, Eastern Avenue, Eastern Parade, Eastfield Road, Eastney Road, Eastney Street, Eastwood Road, Ecton Lane, Edenbridge Road, Edgeware Road, Edinburgh Road, Edmund Road, Egan Close, Eldon Street, Elizabeth Gardens, Elm Grove, Elmwood Road, Elphinstone Road, Emanuel Street, Emsworth Road, Epworth Road, Ernest Road, Esplanade, Esplanade Gardens, Essex Road, Esslemont Road, Estella Road, Ethel Road, Eton Road, Euston Road, Evans Close, Evans Road, Ewart Road, Exeter Road, Exchange Road, Exmouth Road, Fairoak Road, Falklands Road, Farlington Road, Fawcett Road, Fawley Road, Fearon Road, Fernhurst Road, Ferry Road, Festing Road, Fifth Street, Finch Road, Fitzherbert Street, Flint Street, Florence Road, Folkestone Road, Fontwell Road, Forbury Road, Fordingbridge Road, Forton Road, Foster Road, Fourth Street, Foxley Drive, Francis Avenue, Fraser Road, Fratton Road, Fratton Way, Frederick Street, Freestone Road, Frensham Road, Froddington Road, Frogmore Road, Furness Road, Furze Lane, Gamble Road, Garden Lane, Garfield Road, Garnier Street, Gatcombe Avenue, Gatcombe Drive, George Street, Gibraltar Road, Gisors Road, Gladys Avenue, Glasgow Road, Glencoe Road, Glenthorne Road, Gloucester Mews, Gloucester Place, Gloucester Terrace, Godwit Road, Gold Street, Goldsmith Avenue, Goodwood Road, Gordon Road, Grafton Street, Graham Road, Granada Road, Grange Road, Grayshott Road, Green Lane, Green Road, Greetham Street, Grenville Road, Grosvenor Street, Grove Road North, Gruneisen Road, Guildford Road, Guildhall Square, Gunners Row, Gurney Road, Hambrook Street, Hamilton Road, Hampshire Street, Hampshire Terrace, Harbour Way, Harcourt Road, Harold Road, Harrow Road, Hartley Road, Hartwell Road, Haslemere Road, Hatfield Road, Havant Road, Havelock Road, Havisham Road, Hayling Avenue, Heathcote Road, Heathfield Road, Heidelberg Road, Helena Road, Henderson Road, Hendy Close, Henley Road, Herbert Road, Herbert Street, Hercules Street, Hereford Road, Heron Close, Hertford Place, Hester Road, Hewett Road, High Street, Highfield Road, Highgate Road, Highgrove Road, Highland Road, Highland Street, Highland Terrace, Hilsea Crescent, Hobby Close, Holbrook Road, Holcot Lane, Hollam Road, Holland Road, Holne Court, Honeywood Close, Hope Street, Howard Road, Hudson Road, Hunter Road, Hyde Park Road, Hyde Street, Chapel Street, Chapel View, Charles Street, Charlotte Street, Chatham Drive, Chelmsford Road, Chelsea Road, Cheriton Road, Chester Place, Chesterfield Road, Chestnut Avenue, Chetwynd Road, Chevening Court, Chewter Close, Chichester Road, Chilcote Road, Chitty Road, Chivers Close, Church Road, Church Street, Church View, Idsworth Road, Inglis Road, Inverness Road, Ironbridge Lane, Island View Terrace, Jacobs Street, Jenkins Grove, Jersey Road, Jervis Road, Jessie Road, Jubilee Road, Jubilee Terrace, Kearsney Avenue, Keel Close, Kendal Avenue, Kenilworth Road, Kensington Road, Kent Road, Kent Street, Kenyon Road, Kestrel Close, Keswick Avenue, Kiln Road, Kilpatrick Close, Kimberley Road, Kimbolton Road, King Henry I Street, King Street, King William Street, Kingfisher Court, Kings Road, Kingsdown Place, Kingsley Road, Kingston Crescent, Kingston Road, Kipling Road, Kirby Road, Kirkstall Road, Kirpal Road, Knox Road, Laburnum Grove, Lacey Road, Lake Road, Lakeside Avenue, Landguard Road, Landport Street, Langford Road, Langley Road, Langstone Road, Langstone Way, Lansdowne Street, Lapwing Road, Larkhill Road, Latimer Court, Lawrence Road, Lawson Road, Lennox Road North, Leopold Street, Lidiard Gardens, Lichfield Road, Limberline Road, Limberline Spur Industrial Estate, Lincoln Road, Lindley Avenue, Lion Street, Liss Road, Little Arthur Street, Little George Street, Liverpool Road, Livingstone Road, Locarno Road, Lomond Close, Londesborough Road, London Avenue, London Road, Longfield Close, Lords Street, Lorne Road, Lovett Road, Lower Derby Road, Lower Church Path, Lucknow Street, Lumsden Road, Lyndhurst Road, Lynn Road, Lynton Grove, Madeira Road, Mafeking Road, Magdalen Road, Maitland Street, Malins Road, Mallard Road, Malta Road, Malthouse Road, Malvern Road, Manchester Road, Manners Lane, Manners Road, Manor Park Avenue, Manor Road, Mansion Road, Marazan Road, Margate Road, Marina Grove, Marine Court, Mariners Walk, Marion Road, Mark Close, Market Way, Marmion Avenue, Marmion Road, Marston Lane, Martin Road, Matapan Road, Maurice Road, Maxstoke Close, Maxwell Road, Maydman Square, Mayfield Road, Mayflower Drive, Maylands Avenue, Mayles Road, Mayo Close, Meadow Street, Melbourne Place, Melrose Close, Melville Road, Meon Road, Meredith Road, Meriden Road, Merlin Drive, Merrivale Road, Merton Road, Meryl Road, Methuen Road, Meyrick Road, Middle Street, Middlesex Road, Midway Road, Mile End Road, Milebush Road, Milford Road, Mills Road, Milton Road, Minstead Road, Mitchell Way, Monckton Road, Moneyfields Bridge, Monmouth Road, Montague Road, Montgomerie Road, Moorings Way, Moorland Road, Morgan Road, Morley Road, Munster Road, Museum Road, Myrtle Grove, Nancy Road, Napier Road, Narvik Road, Nelson Avenue, Nelson Drive, Nelson Road, Nessus Street, Netley Road, Neville Road, New Road, New Road East, Newcome Road, Newcomen Road, Nickel Street, Nightingale Road, Ninian Park Road, Norland Road, Norman Road, Normandy Road, North End Avenue, North Street, Northam Street, Northbrook Close, Northcote Road, Northern Avenue, Northern Parade, Northgate Avenue, Northover Road, Northwood Road, Norway Road, Oakdene Road, Oakwood Road, Ockendon Cloase, Old Bridge Road, Olinda Street, Oliver Road, Omega Street, Onslow Road, Ophir Road, Orchard Road, Oriel Road, Ormsby Road, Osborne Road, Osier Close, Outram Road, Owen Street, Oxford Road, Padbury Close, Paddington Road, Paignton Avenue, Pains Road, Palmerston Road, Paradise Street, Park Street, Parkstone Avenue, Parsons Close, Paulsgrove Road, Pedham Close, Pelham Road, Pembroke Road, Penhale Road, Penny Street, Penrose Close, Pepys Close, Percival Road, Percy Road, Peronne Close, Perth Road, Petworth Road, Phoenix Square, Pier Road, Pilgrims' Trail, Pink Road, Pitcroft Lane, Playfair Road, Pleasant Road, Plover Reach, Plumpton Gardens, Plymouth Street, Portfield Road, Portchester Road, Portland Road, Portland Street, Portswood Road, Power Road, Powerscourt Road, Preston Road, Pretoria Road, Prince Albert Road, Prince Regent Court, Prince's Street, Priory Crescent, Priory Road, Proctor Lane, Prospect Road, Purbrook Road, Queen Street, Queen's Way, Queens Crescent, Queens Grove, Queens Road, Quinton Close, Radnor Street, Raglan Street, Railway View, Randolph Road, Ranelagh Road, Ravenswood Gardens, Redcar Avenue, Redlands Grove, Redwing Court, Reedling Drive, Regent Place, Reginald Road, Renny Road, Richmond Place, Richmond Road, Ringwood Road, Ripley Grove, Riverhead Close, Robinson Way, Rodney Road, Rochester Road, Romsey Avenue, Rosetta Road, Rugby Road, Ruskin Road, Sackville Street, Saint Augustine Road, Saint Mary's Road, Saint Nicholas Street, Saint Pirans Avenue, Saint Thomas's Street, Salcombe Avenue, Salerno Road, Salisbury Road, Samuel Road, Sandringham Lane, Sandringham Road, Seafield Road, Seagrove Road, Seagull Close, Seaton Avenue, Seaway Crescent, Sedgley Close, Selbourne Terrace, Selsey Avenue, Serpentine Road, Settlers Close, Seymour Close, Shadwell Road, Shaftesbury Road, Shakespeare Road, Shanklin Road, Sharps Close, Shearer Road, Sheffield Road, Shelford Road, Shirley Avenue, Shirley Road, Shore Avenue, Schooner Way, Sidmouth Avenue, Silchester Road, Silver Street, Simpson Road, Sirus Court, Siskin Road, Skylark Court, Slindon Street, Slingsby Close, Smeaton Street, Solent Drive, Somers Road, Somers Road North, Somerset Road, Somerville Place, South Avenue, South Parade, South Road, South Street, Southsea Terrace, Southwood Road, Sovereign Drive, Sparrowhawk Close, Spencer Road, Spenlow Close, Spicer Street, Spinnaker Drive, Spring Gardens, St Andrews Road, St Catherine Street, St Davids Road, St Edward's Road, St Faiths Road, St Francis Court, St George's Road, St Georges Way, St Helens Close, St Chads Avenue, St James Road, St James Street, St Judes Close, St Marks Road, St Michael's Road, St Pauls Road, St Pauls Square, St Peters Grove, St Ronan's Road, St Ronans Avenue, St Stephen's Road, St Swithun's Road, St Ursula Grove, St Vincent Road, St. Albans Road, St. Ann's Road, Stafford Road, Stamford Street, Stanhope Road, Stanley Avenue, Stanley Lane, Stanley Road, Stanley Street, Stansted Road, Stapleton Road, Station Road, Station Street, Staunton Street, Steel Street, Steerforth Close, Stirling Street, Stone Street, Stowe Road, Stride Avenue, Strode Road, Suffolk Road, Sultan Road, Sunningdale Road, Surrey Street, Sussex Place, Sussex Road, Sussex Terrace, Sutherland Road, Sutton Close, Sword Sands Road, Sydenham Terrace, Sywell Crescent, Talbot Road, Tamarisk Close, Tamworth Road, Tangier Road, Target Road, Taswell Road, Teddington Road, Teignmouth Road, Telephone Road, Telford Road, Temple Street, Templeton Close, Tennyson Road, The Circle, The Driveway, The Haven, The Lane, The Mary Rose Street, The Retreat, The Ridings, The Thicket, The Vale, Thorncliffe Close, Thorncroft Road, Timpson Road, Tipner Lane, Tipner Road, Toby Street, Tokio Road, Tonbridge Street, Torfrida Court, Toronto Road, Torrington Road, Tottenham Road, Tower Road, Trafalger Place, Tranmere Road, Tredegar Road, Trevor Road, Turner Road, Twyford Avenue, Unicorn Road, Union Place, Valiant Gardens, Ventnor Road, Venture Court, Vernon Avenue, Vernon Mews, Vernon Road, Victor Road, Victoria Avenue, Victoria Grove, Victoria Road North, Victoria Road South, Victoria Street, Victory Green, Villier's Road, Vita Road, Wadham Road, Wainscott Road, Walden Street, Walker Road, Wallace Road, Wallington Road, Wallisdean Avenue, Walmer Road, Walsall Road, Waltham Street, Ward Road, Warren Avenue, Warspite Close, Warwick Crescent, Washington Road, Waterlock Gardens, Waterloo Street, Watts Road, Waverley Grove, Waverley Road, Wayfarer Close, Welch Road, Wellington Street, Wells Close, Wesley Grove, Westbourne Road, Western Parade, Westfield Road, Weston Avenue, Westover Road, Westwood Road, Weymouth Road, Whale Island Way, Whaley Road, Wharf Road, Wheatstone Road, Whimbrel Close, White Swan Road, Whitecliffe Avenue, Whitecross Gardens, Whitwell Road, Whitworth Road, Widley Road, Wilberforce Road, Wilby Lane, Williams Road, Wilson Grove, Wilson Road, Wilton Place, Wilton Terrace, Wiltshire Street, Wimbledon Park Road, Wimborne Road, Wimpole Street, Windermere Road, Wingfield Street, Winchester Road, Winstanley Road, Winston Churchill Avenue, Winter Road, Winton Road, Wisborough Road, Woodland Street, Woodlands Walk, Woodmancote Road, Woodpath, Woodpecker Way, Woodville Drive, Worcester Close, Worsley Road, Worsley Street, Worthing Road, Wykeham Avenue, Wykeham Road, Wyllie Road, Wymering Road, Wyndcliffe Road, Yarborough Road, Yardley Close, Yeo Court, York Place, Yorke Street

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