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Streets on the map of Port Elizabeth

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2nd Avenue, 3rd Avenue, 4th Avenue, 5th Avenue, 6th Avenue, 7th Avenue, Ablett Street, Albert Street, Alexander Road, Alfred Road, Ambrose Road, Andover Rd, Aragon Road, Arend Street, Bagshaw Street, Barker Street, Barton Street, Bates Street, Bellgrove Street, Bennet Street, Board Street, Broad Street, Bruce Street, Brussel Street, Buckland Avenue, Burt Drive, Butterworth Road, Buxton Avenue, Byron Avenue, Casley Street, Cleeve Road, Clough Road, Collier Street, Commercial Road, Compton Road, Connaught Road, Constantine Road, Conyngham Road, Cotswold Avenue, Cotton Road, Cottrell Street, Coventry Street, Cox Street, Crang Street, Crescent Street, Crichton Street, Darling Street, De Kock Avenue, De Villiers Street, Dias Road, Diaz Road, Disa Avenue, Dobson Street, Doherty Street, Downing Street, Drew Street, Drury Street, Duff Avenue, Dunne Street, Durban Road, Edgar Street, Echium Street, Erica Road, Essex Street, Fettes Road, Field Street, Finch Street, Foley Street, Fraser Street, Frost Street, Gates Street, Gibson Street, Goven Mbeki Avenue, Grahamstown Road, Granville Road, Guthrie Street, Hammerkop Street, Hancock Street, Hartley Street, Heath Street, Henley Street, Henry Ford Road, Herbert Street, Highfield Drive, Highfield Road, Hoepoe Street, Hoch Street, Holmon Drive, Hornbill Street, Hutchinson Street, Chaplin Street, Inglis Street, Ingram Street, Innes Street, Jameson Road, Jan Hofmeyer Road, Jeggels Street, Jocla Road, Johnson Street, Joyce Road, Juta Road, Kanarie Street, Kay Street, Kempston Road, King Edward Street, Kingston Road, Kipling Road, Kippon Street, Kwikkie Street, Lanchester Street, Lawler Street, Leicester Street, Leyland Street, Loch Street, Lundie Street, Mangold Street, Mary Boyd Avenue, Mathew Street, McAdam Street, Middelton Avenue, Midway Road, Milner Avenue, Moresby Avenue, Neal Street, Nelson Mandela Coastal Cycle Path, Netley Street, Nevis Road, Newell Street, Nicholas Street, Nile Road, Nixon Road, Norman Street, North Road, Norvic Road, Nottingham Street, Oak Place, Oxford Street, Parkin Street, Patterson Road, Pell Street, Perl Street, Pigeon Street, Piggot Street, Potgieter Street, Powell Street, Pringle Avenue, Quick Street, Rainbow Terrace, Rene Close, Rhodes Street, Ridgeside Crescent, Richter Crescent, Robert Street, Rochelle Road, Rugby Street, Salford Road, Sargent Street, Savage Street, Searle Road, Sellick Street, Settlers Way, Shaw Road, Shell Street, Shepherd Street, Shirley Street, Short Street, Schadie Street, Sidon Street, Smart Street, Somers Road, Stanford Road, Sterley Street, Stirk Street, Stow Street, Swartkops Street, Swift Street, Sydenham Road, Tait Street, Thorogood Street, Thrush Street, Tucker Street, Van Der Kemp Street, Van Niekerk Street, Van Rooyen Street, Voyle Street, Walker Street, Warbler Street, Wells Crescent, William Street, Wolmarans Street, Worricker Street, Wren Street, Wynne Street, York Road

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