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Streets on the map of Pittsburgh

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10th St, 10th Street, 10th Street Bypass, 11th St, 12th Street, 13th Street, 14th Street, 15th St, 16th Street, 16th Street Bridge, 17th St, 18th St, 19th Street, 1st Ave, 20th St, 20th Street, 21st Street, 22nd Street, 23rd St, 24th St, 25th St, 26th St, 27th St, 28th St, 28th Street Bridge, 29th St, 2nd Ave, 30th St, 3rd Ave, 4th Ave, 5th Ave, 5th St, 6th Avenue, 6th St, 6th Street, 7th Avenue, 7th St, 7th Street, 8th St, 9th St, 9th Street, Academic Walk, Addison St, Adelaide St, Adrian Way, Ahlers Way, Ajax St, Aline St, Allegheny Center Mal, Allegheny Sq W, Allequippa St, Alpena St, Alpine Ave, Amabell St, Anaheim St, Anderson St, Anderson Street, Andover Ter, Andy Warhol Bridge, Arcena St, Argyle Way, Arch St, Arlington Avenue, Armstrong Tunnel, Arthur St, Atwood St, Avalon St, Avery St, Ayers St, Balboa St, Balph Way, Barkers Pl, Barn Way, Barnett Way, Bates St, Bates St. Entrance to Eliza Furnace Trail, Baum Boulevard, Bavaria Pl, Bedford Avenue, Bedford Sq, Beelen St, Belgreen Pl, Belinda St, Belonda St, Bentley Dr, Bertha St, Bigbee St, Bigelow Blvd, Bigham St, Bingham St, Birmingham Bridge, Bismark St, Bloomer Way, Blossom Way, Bluff St, Bohem St, Bolair Way, Boquet St, Boulevard of the Allies, Boundary St, Boyd St, Brackenridge St, Bradish St, Brady Street, Brenham St, Brereton St, Bridle Trail, Brighton Rd, Brim Way, Bryn Mawr Rd, Buffalo St, Burmah Way, Burrows St, Burton Way, Butterfield Way, Byron St, Cable Place, Cabot Way, Cameo Way, Camp St, Caramel Way, Carey Pl, Carey Way, Cargill St, Carnak St, Carpenter Way, Cassatt St, Cato St, Cecil Pl, Cedar Ave, Centre Avenue, Citron Way, City steps, Clarissa St, Clark St, Clark Way, Cliff St, Coffey Way, Cola St, Colmar St, Coltart Ave, Colville St, Colwell St, Commonwealth Pl, Concord St, Constance St, Covel Way, Cowan St, Craft Ave, Craft Pl, Crawford St, Crawford Street, Crockett Way, Crosstown Boulevard, Cuthbert St, Dakota St, Danube St, Darium Dr, Darragh St, Davenport St, Davler Way, Dawson Ct, Dawson St, Day Way, De Ruad St, Decre Way, Delray St, Denver St, Desoto St, Devilliers St, Diamond St, Diaz Way, Dicktom Way, Dimling Way, Dinwiddie St, Dollar St, Dover Way, Downing St, Drovers Way, Duff St, Dunbar Way, Dunloe Ave, Dunseith St, E Carson St, E Commons, E General Robinson St, E Lacock St, E North Ave, E Ohio St, Eagle Way, East Busway, East Ohio Street, East St, East Sycamore Street, Ebbs Way, Edgehill St, Edith Pl, Edmond St, Edna St, Elba St, Eliza Furnace Trail, Ellers St, Elmore Sq, Elmore St, Eloise St, Emlin St, Enfield St, Enfield Street, Enoch St, Erin St, Ermine Way, Etna St, Etta St, Euler Way, Ewart Dr, Ewarts Way, Exchange Way, Federal St, Federal Street, Festus Way, Fetzer St, Fiber Way, Fieger Way, Filson St, Finland St, Fireman Way, Fitzgerald St, Footbridge, Forbes Ave, Foreland St, Foreside Pl, Fort Duquesne Blvd, Fort Duquesne Bridge, Fort Pitt Blvd, Fort Pitt Bridge, Fort Pitt Tunnel, Fox Way, Francis St, Francis Street, Franklin Ct, Frazier St, French St, Fresco Way, Freyburg St, Garrison Pl, Gaskell St, Gazena Way, Gazzam St, Gentry Way, Gilmore Way, Gist St, Glendora St, Gorman Way, Graeme St, Granite St, Grant St, Grant Street, Granville St, Green St, Greeves Way, Griffith St, Grove St, Guckert Way, Guerdon St, Gypsum Way, Halket Pl, Halket St, Hallett St, Halpin St, Hamlet St, Hancock St, Hankla Way, Haran St, Hardie Way, Harding St, Harmar St, Harold St, Havelock Way, Heinz St, Heldman St, Hemingway St, Hermans St, Herron Ave, High Way, Hodge St, Hollace St, Hollow Run Trail, Holmes Pl, Hooper St, Hooper Street, Horton St, Hot Metal Bike/Pedestrian Bridge, Hot Metal Street, HOV, Humber Way, Humbolt St, Chatham Square, Chauncey Dr, Chauncey St, Cherokee St, Cherry Way, Chesbro St, Chesney Way, Chesterfield Rd, Chestnut St, Childs St, Iowa St, Iroquois Way, Ishar Way, Isis Way, Jacobus Way, Jennie St, Jewel St, Joe Hammer Sq, Joncaire St, Juliet St, Jumonville St, Junction Hollow Trail, Junilla St, Juniper St, Juno St, Kearney Way, Kearsarge St, Kennett Sq, Kenney Way, Kilday Way, Kirkpatrick St, Knoll St, Kufner Way, La Place St, Landleiss Pl, Lauer Way, Laura Way, Lawn St, Lawson St, Leander St, Ledlie St, Leduc Way, Leipsic Way, Liberty Ave, Liberty Avenue, Liberty Bridge, Liberty Tunnels, Linden Pl, Linton St, Lisbon St, Lockhart St, Locust St, Lombard St, Lothrop St, Louisa St, Lovitt Way, Lowen St, Lurie Way, Luxbridge Way, Lyon St, Lytton Ave, Mackey St, Maddock Pl, Madison Ave, Magee St, Mahon St, Manilla St, Mann St, Maple Ter, Mario Lemieux Place, Marion St, Market Sq, Market St, Martindale Street, Maurice St, Mazeroski Way, Mc Anulity St, Mc Clarren St, Mc Kean St, Mc Kee Pl, Mc Kee Place, Mc Kirdy Way, Mc Masters Wy, Mc Nary Way, McArdle Roadway, McCrea Way, McDevitt Pl, McNeil Pl, Melba Place, Mercer St, Merchant St, Merchant Street, Mero Way, Merrimac St, Merriman St, Merriman Way, Meyran Ave, Middle St, Midtown Sq, Miller St, Miltenberger St, Milwaukee St, Mimosa Way, Mohawk St, Monaca Pl, Moneta St, Monroe St, Montague St, Montague Way, Montgomery Pl, Montour Way, Moravian St, Moravian Way, Morewood Ave, Morgan St, Moultrie St, Mulberry Way, Muriel St, N Bellefield Ave, N Bouquet St, N Canal St, N Commons, N Craig St, N Dithridge St, N Neville St, N Point Dr, N Taylor Ave, Nash St, Neff St, Neville St, Niagara St, Nigh Way, North Shore Drive, North Shore Expressway, North Shore Trail, Norton Way, O Hara St, Oakland Ave, Oakland Ct, Oakland Sq, Ocala St, Offley St, Old Kirkpatrick St, Oliver Ave, Omaha St, Ophelia St, Orbin St, Orion St, Orpwood St, Orr St, Ossipee St, Our Way, Outlet St, P J McArdle Rdway, Palo Alto St, Parkhurst St, Parkman Ave, Parkview Ave, Pascoe Way, Passage Way, Paulowna St, Peach Way, Penn Ave, Penn Avenue, Penn-Lincoln Parkway East, Peralta St, Pernod St, Perry St, Phelan Way, Phineas St, Pier St, Pomona Way, Press Way, Pressley St, Pretense Way, Pride St, Progress St, Protectory Pl, Province St, Pulaski Way, Rachel Carson Bridge, Rampart St, Reed Roberts Pl, Reed St, Reedsdale Street, Resaca Pl, Retail Way, Revere Way, Rickenbach St, Ridge Ave, Ridge Avenue, Ridgway St, Rising Way, River Ave, Riversea Rd, Roberto Clemente Bridge, Roberto Clemente Dr, Roberts St, Robinson Ct, Robinson St, Roland St, Romeo St, Rope Way, Rose St, Ross St, Rowley St, Ruskin St, Rust Way, S 10th St, S 12th St, S 16th St, S 18th St, S 1st St, S 21st St, S 26 St, S 27th St, S 28 St, S 2nd St, S 3rd St, S 4th St, S 5th St, S 6th St, S 7th St, S 8th St, S 9th St, S Bedford Sq, S Bellefield Ave, S Bouquet St, S Canal St, S Commons, S Dithridge St, S Water Street, Sampsonia St, Sampsonia Way, Sandusky St, Sandusky Street, Sarah St, Saw Mill Way, Scotland Avenue, Scrip Way, Seal St, Seine Way, Seitz St, Selby Way, Semple St, Semple Street, Seneca St, Sennott St, Shawano St, Shawnee St, Shemp Way, Sherman Ave, Shiloh St, Shingiss St, Shipton St, Schaeffer Way, Schenley Dr, Schenley Dr Ext, Schenley Farms Ter, Siam Way, Sidney St, Smallman Street, Smithfield St, Smithfield Street Brg, Smithfield Street Bridge, Soho St, Somers Dr, Somers St, South 10th Street Bridge, South Side Trail, Spruce Way, Stadium Dr, Stanwix St, Stevenson St, Stockholm St, Stockton Avenue, Strawberry Way, Suismon St, Sutherland Dr, Sutherland Dr., Sweeney Way, Swinburne St, Tannehill St, Tennyson Ave, Terminal Street, Terrace St, Thackeray St, Thora Way, Thropp St, Tony Dorsett Drive, Trent St, Tripoli St, Truro Pl, Try St, Tulsa St, Tunnel Blvd., Tustin St, Ulysses St, Union Ave, University Dr, University Dr A, University Dr C, University Drive B, University Pl, Upfold Way, Upton St, Urie Way, Van Braam St, Vancroft St, Vaux Way, Vera Cruz Way, Vera St, Verdant Way, Veterans Bridge, Veto St, Victoria St, Vincennes Way, Vine St, Vinecliff St, Vinial St, Virgila Pl, Virgin Way, Voeghtly St, Volk Rd, W Commons, W General Robinson St, W North Ave, Wabash Tunnel, Wadsworth St, Wakefield St, Wandless St, Ward St, Ward Street, Warfield St, Waring Ct, Washington Place, Watson St, Watt Ln, Watt St, Webster Ave, Webster Ter, Welsford Street, Western Ave, Wettach St, Wharton St, White St, Whiteside Rd, Whitney St, Whitney Ter, Whitney Way, Whitridge St, Wick St, Wiggins St, Wichita Way, Wilbert St, William Penn Pl, William St, Wolf Way, Wolfrum St, Wolpert Way, Wood St, Woodruff Street, Wooster St, Wrights Way, Wyandotte St, Wylie Ave, Wyoming St, Yarrow Way, York Way, Zero Way, Zulema St, Zulema Street

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