Phoenix - map: List of streets

Here you can find list of streets displayed on Phoenix - map

You can find the list of streets in the ebook with the map as well. The list in the ebook is active (it is possible to click to any street to get to the page, where it is displayed). If you just want to download the map then use the link at the list of streets here.

Streets on the map of Phoenix

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Deck Park Tunnel, East Adams Street, East Brill Street, East Buchanan Street, East Culver Street, East Diamond Street, East Fillmore Street, East Garfield Street, East Jackson Street, East Jacob Street, East Jefferson Street, East Lincoln Street, East Lynwood Street, East Madison Street, East McKinley Street, East Monroe Street, East Moreland Street, East Pierce Street, East Polk Street, East Portland Street, East Roosevelt Street, East Southern Pacific Drive, East Taylor Street, East Washington Street, East Willetta Street, East Woodland Avenue, I-10 HOV Ramp, North 10th Avenue, North 10th Place, North 10th Street, North 11th Avenue, North 11th Place, North 11th Street, North 11th Way, North 12th Avenue, North 12th Street, North 13th Avenue, North 13th Place, North 13th Street, North 14th Avenue, North 14th Street, North 15th Street, North 16th Avenue, North 16th Place, North 16th Street, North 17th Avenue, North 17th Drive, North 17th Street, North 18th Drive, North 1st Avenue, North 1st Street, North 2nd Avenue, North 3rd Street, North 4th Avenue, North 4th Street, North 5th Avenue, North 5th Place, North 5th Street, North 6th Avenue, North 6th Street, North 7th Avenue, North 7th Place, North 7th Street, North 8th Avenue, North 8th Street, North 9th Avenue, North Central Avenue, North Laurel Avenue, North Martin Luther King Circle, North Patricio Street, Northwest Grand Avenue, Papago Freeway, Red Mountain Freeway, South 10th Avenue, South 11th Avenue, South 11th Street, South 12th Avenue, South 12th Street, South 13th Avenue, South 13th Street, South 14th Avenue, South 14th Place, South 14th Street, South 15th Street, South 16th Avenue, South 16th Street, South 17th Avenue, South 17th Street, South 18th Avenue, South 1st Avenue, South 1st Street, South 2nd Street, South 3rd Avenue, South 3rd Street, South 4th Avenue, South 4th Street, South 5th Street, South 6th Avenue, South 6th Drive, South 6th Street, South 7th Avenue, South 7th Street, South 8th Avenue, South 9th Street, South Central Avenue, Underground parking, West Adams Street, West Buchanan Street, West Culver Street, West Fillmore Street, West Garfield Street, West Grant Street, West Harrison Street, West Jackson Street, West Jefferson Street, West Latham Street, West Lincoln Street, West Lynwood Street, West McKinley Street, West Monroe Street, West Moreland Street, West Pierce Street, West Polk Street, West Portland Street, West Taylor Street, West Washington Street, West Willetta Street, West Woodland Avenue

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