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You can find the list of streets in the ebook with the map as well. The list in the ebook is active (it is possible to click to any street to get to the page, where it is displayed). If you just want to download the map then use the link at the list of streets here.

Streets on the map of Perth

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Abbotsford Street, Aberdeen Street, Adelaide Terrace, Albany Highway, Alfonso Street, Altona Street, Amy Street, Antrim Street, Arden Street, Argyle Street, Arthur Street, Asquith Street, Bagot Road, Baker Avenue, Bamford Lane, Bardon Place, Barker Road, Barlee Street, Barrack Square, Barrack Street, Barrington Street, Bartlett Lane, Beacon Terrace, Beaufort Street, Bedford Avenue, Bellevue Terrace, Bennett Street, Bermondsey Street, Bernard Street, Bishops Row, Bolton Avenue, Bow River Crescent, Braid Street, Bramall Street, Bremer Promenade, Bridge Street, Brighton Street, Brisbane Place, Brisbane Street, Brisbane Terrace, Broadwalk, Bromham Lane, Bronte Street, Brookman Street, Brooks Lane, Broome Street, Brown Street, Bulwer Avenue, Bulwer Street, Burswood Road, Caddy Avenue, Cambridge Street, Camfield Drive, Campbell Street, Canning Highway, Cantle Street, Carlin Lane, Carlton Street, Carmelia Street, Carr Place, Carr Street, Castle Way, Cathedral Avenue, Causeway, Cavendish Street, Caversham Street, Claisebrook Road, Clarence Street, Claverton Street, Cleaver Street, Cliff Street, Clive Road, Clive Street, Clotilde Street, Clune Avenue, Clydesdale Street, Coghlan Road, Colin Grove, Colin Place, Colin Street, Colvin Lane, Connaught Street, Conroy Street, Constitution Street, Cook Street, Cookham Road, Coolgardie Street, Cornwall Street, Court Place, Cowle Street, Craig Street, Curtis Street, Dalmeny Street, Darbyshire Drive, Davies Street, De Vlamingh Avenue, Debnam Lane, Deeley Street, Delhi Street, Douglas Street, Douro Place, Drummond Place, Earl Street, East Parade, East Street, Eastbrook Terrace, Ebsworth Street, Eden Street, Edward Street, Egham Road, Egham Street, Elder Street, Elizabeth Street, Ellen Street, Ellesmere Road, Emerald Terrace, Emmerson Street, Enfield Street, Ensign Lane, Ethel Street, Farr Avenue, First Avenue, Fitzgerald Street, Flagstaff Lane, Florence Street, Forbes Lane, Forbes Road, Fore Street, Forrest Avenue, Forrest Drive, Forrest Place, Foster Lane, Francis Street, Fraser Avenue, Gallipoli Street, Gallop Street, Gardiner Street, George Street, Gerald Street, Gladstone Road, Gladstone Street, Glen Street, Glendower Street, Glenn Place, Goderich Street, Golding Street, Gordon Street, Governors Avenue, Graham Farmer Freeway, Great Eastern Highway, Gregson Street, Grosvenor Road, Guildford Road, Haig Park Circuit, Hale Street, Hamersley Road, Hamilton Street, Hammond Street, Hampton Street, Harley Street, Harms Lane, Harold Street, Harrogate Street, Harvest Terrace, Harvey Street, Havelock Street, Hawksburn Road, Hawthorne Place, Hay Street, Haydn Bunton Drive, Heytesbury Road, Hill Street, Hodgson Lane, Holyrood Street, Hope Street, Horatio Street, Hordern Street, Horse Shoe Bridge, Howard Street, Howick Street, Hubert Road, Hull Lane, Hutchins Lane, Hutt Street, Chapman Street, Chappel Lane, Charles Street, Chatsworth Road, Chelmsford Road, Cheriton Street, China Town, Church Street, Churchill Avenue, Ion Lane, Irene Street, Irwin Street, Ivy Street, Jacob's Ladder, James Street, James Street Mall, Janet Street, Jewell Lane, John Street, Kathleen Avenue, Kempton Lane, Kerr Street, Kershaw Street, Kiln View, Kimberley Street, King Street, King's Park Road, King's Road, Kingston Avenue, Kitchener Avenue, Kitchener Way, Knebworth Avenue, Kwinana Freeway, Lacey Street, Lake Monger Drive, Lake Street, Lane Street, Lawley Street, Lawrence Avenue, Leahy Walk, Leake Street, Leederville Parade, Leigh Street, Leslie Street, Lesser Street, Lime Street, Lincoln Street, Lindsay Street, Loftus Street, London Court, Lord Street, Lovekin Drive, Macewan Street, Macy Street, Malcolm Street, Malcom Street, Malvern Road, Mansfield Lane, Market Street, Marlborough Street, Mary Street, Matson Lane, May Avenue, May Circle, May Drive, Mayfair Street, McCormack Lane, McCourt Street, McGovern Lane, McGuire Lane, McKnight Lane, McNeill Lane, Melrose Street, Mercedes Lane, Midgley Street, Mill Point Road, Mill Street, Milligan Street, Minn Lane, Mitchell Freeway, Moir Street, Money Street, Monger Street, Moore Street, Mosey Lane, Mount Street, Mountain Terrace, Murray Street, Museum Street, Myrtle Street, Nash Street, Nelson Avenue, Nelson Crescent, Newcastle Street, Newnham Street, Nick's Lane, Nicholson Street, Nile Street, Norbert Street, Norfolk Street, Northwood Street, Oak Lane, Off ramp, Olive Street, On ramp, Orange Avenue, Ord Street, Oswald Street, Outram Street, Oxford Close, Oxford Street, Pakenham Street, Palmerston Street, Park Road, Park Street, Parker Street, Parliament Place, Parry Street, Pether Lane, Piccadilly Arcade, Pier Street, Plain Street, Porter Lane, Power Lane, Primrose Street, Proclamation Street, Prowse Street, Queen Street, Raglan Road, Railway Parade, Randell Street, Rawes Lane, Regal Place, Resort Drive, Rheola Street, Richard Street, Richardson Street, Riversdale Road, Riverside Drive, Roberts Road, Robinson Avenue, Roe Street, Rosslyn Street, Roy Street, Royal Street, Rushton Street, Ruth Street, Salvado Road, Second Avenue, Seventh Avenue, Shepperton Road, Sheridan Lane, Sherwood Court, Smith Street, Somerville Street, Southport Street, Spring Street, St Albans Avenue, St Leonards Avenue, St. George's Terrace, Staines Street, Stamford Street, Stanley Street, Stirling Street, Stokes Way, Strathcona Street, Streatley Road, Stuart Street, Summer Street, Summers Street, Sunbury Road, Susan Street, Sutherland Street, Swanbank Road, Tandy Street, Tate Street, Teague Street, Teddington Road, Terrace Road, The Circus, The Esplanade, Thelma Street, Thirlmere Road, Thomas Street, Thorley Street, Thorogood Street, Throssell Street, Tolano Lane, Tower Street, Townshend Road, Trafalgar Road, Trinity Avenue, Troode Street, Tuffin Lane, Tully Road, Turvey Lane, Twickenham Road, Ventnor Avenue, Vernede Lane, Victoria Avenue, Victoria Park Drive, Victoria Square, Victoria Street, View Street, Vincent Street, Violet Street, Wade Street, Walcott Street, Walker Avenue, Wall Street, Warwick Street, Waterloo Crescent, Watson Place, Wellington Place, Wellington Street, Wellman Street, West Parade, Westralia Street, White Place, Wickham Street, William Street, Windan Bridge, Windsor Street, Wisher Lane, Wittenoom Street, Wolf Lane, Woolwich Street, Wright Street, York Street

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