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You can find the list of streets in the ebook with the map as well. The list in the ebook is active (it is possible to click to any street to get to the page, where it is displayed). If you just want to download the map then use the link at the list of streets here.

Streets on the map of Ottawa

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1st Avenue, 2nd Avenue, 3rd Avenue, 4th Avenue, 5th Avenue, Aberdeen Street, Adelaide Street, Albert Street, Alexandra Bridge, Allan Place, Anderson Street, Argyle Avenue, Arlington Avenue, Armstrong Street, Arthur Street, Augusta Street, Avenue Road, Balsam Street, Bank Street, Bay Street, Bayswater Avenue, Bayview Road, Beckwith Road, Beech Street, Belgrave Road, Bell Street North, Bell Street South, Besserer Street, Blackburn Avenue, Booth Street, Boulevard Alexandre-Taché, Boulevard Maisonneuve, Bower Street, Brantwood Drive, Breezehill Avenue North, Breezehill Avenue South, Brickhill Street, Broad Street, Bronson Avenue, Brown Street, Brunswick Street, Bullock Avenue, Burnham Road, Cambridge Street North, Cambridge Street South, Carling Avenue, Cartier Street, Catherine Street, Centennial Boulevard, Central Avenue, City Centre Avenue, Clarence Street, Clarey Avenue, Clegg Street, Clemow Avenue, Cobalt Avenue, Colonel By Drive, Commissioner Street, Cooper Street, Copernicus Street, Cornwall Street, Craig Street, Cumberland Street, Dalhousie Street, Daly Avenue, Delaware Avenue, Derby Place, Drummond Street, Eccles Street, Edgar Street, Echo Drive, Elgin Street, Elliot Avenue, Elm Street, Empress Avenue, Evelyn Avenue, Fairmont Avenue, Fern Avenue, Fleet Street, Flora Street, Florence Street, Frank Street, Frederick Place, Friel Street, George Street, George Street West, Gilmour Street, Gladstone Avenue, Glebe Avenue, Glencairn Avenue, Glendale Avenue, Glengarry Road, Glenora Street, Glenview Avenue, Gloucester Street, Goulburn Avenue, Graham Avenue, Greenfield Avenue, Hartington Place, Harvey Street, Havelock Street, Hawthorne Avenue, Hazel Street, Henderson Avenue, Henry Street, Herridge Street, Highway 417 Ic 118 Ramp 35, Highway 417 Ic 118 Ramp 52, Highway 417 Ic 119a Ramp 62, Highway 417 Ic 119a Ramp 66, Highway 417 Ic 121a Ramp 61, Highway 417 Ic 121b Ramp 16, Highway 417;Route Transcanadienne, Hilda Street, Holmwood Avenue, Howick Place, Chamberlain Avenue, Champagne Avenue South, Chapel Crescent, Chapel Street, Chestnut Street, Christie Street, Chrysler Street, Imperial Avenue, Irving Avenue, Isabella Street, Jackson Avenue, James Street, Kent Street, King Edward Avenue, Kinnear Street, Ladouceur Street, Larch Street, Laurel Street, Laurier Avenue East, Laurier Avenue West, Lebreton Street North, Lees Avenue, Letchworth Road, Lett Street, Lewis Street, Linden Terrace, Lisgar Street, Loretta Avenue North, Loretta Avenue South, Lorne Avenue, Louis Pasteur, Louis Pasteur Private, Louisa Street, Lyon Street North, Lyon Street South, MacDonald Street, MacKenzie Avenue, MacLaren Street, MacLean Street, Main Street, Mann Avenue, Marie Curie Private, Marlborough Avenue, Marlowe Crescent, Mason Terrace, McGillivray Street, McLeod Street, McNaughton Avenue, Melgund Avenue, Merritt Avenue, Metcalfe Street, Middle Street, Monk Street, Monkland Avenue, Montcalm Street, Morris Street, Murray Street, Nelson Street, Nepean Street, Nicholas Street, Nolan Avenue, None, None;Route Transcanadienne, Norman Street, O'connor Street, O'Meara Street, Oak Street, Oakvale Avenue, Oblate Avenue, Onslow Crescent, Orangeville Street, Osgoode Street, Ottawa River Parkway, Ottawa River Recreational Pathway, Pamilla Street, Park Avenue, Parliament Road, Patterson Avenue, Percy Street, Perkins Street, Plymouth Street, Pont Alexandra Bridge, Pont de la Chaudière Bridge, Poplar Street, Portage Bridge, Powell Avenue, Preston Street, Pretoria Avenue, Primrose Avenue, Promenade du Portage, Queen Elizabeth Driveway, Queen Street, Railway Street, Ralph Street, Range Road, Raymond Street, Regent Street, Reid Avenue, Renfrew Avenue, Rideau Canal Eastern Pathway, Rideau Canal Western Pathway, Rideau Street, Ring Lane, Riverdale Avenue, Robert Street, Robinson Avenue, Rochester Street, Rosebery Avenue, Rosemere Avenue, Rue Aubry, Rue Courcelette, Rue de l'Hôtel-de-Ville, Rue Eddy, Rue Frontenac, Rue Kent, Rue Laurier, Rue Laval, Rue Montcalm, Rue Morin, Rue Papineau, Rue Pilon, Rue Saint-Jacques, Rue Saint-Redempteur, Rue Sainte-Bernadette, Rue Vaudreuil, Rue Victoria, Rue Wellington, Rupert Street, Russell Avenue, Salisbury Place, Scott Street, Sentier des Voyageurs Pathway, Simcoe Street, Slater Street, Smyth Road, Somerset Street East, Somerset Street West, Southern Drive, Spadina Avenue, Sparks Street, Springhurst Avenue, Spruce Street, St Anthony Street, St Francis Street, St Patrick Street, Stewart Street, Strathcona Avenue, Sussex Drive, Sweetland Avenue, Tackaberry Lane, Templeton Street, The Driveway, Thornton Avenue, Toronto Street, Transitway, Universite Private, Vimy Road, Vittoria Street, Waller Street, Walnut Court, Waverley Street, Wellington Street, Wellington Street West, Wiggins, Wilbrod Street, William Street, Willow Street, York Street, Young Street

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