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Here you can find list of streets displayed on Minneapolis - map

You can find the list of streets in the ebook with the map as well. The list in the ebook is active (it is possible to click to any street to get to the page, where it is displayed). If you just want to download the map then use the link at the list of streets here.

Streets on the map of Minneapolis

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10th Ave N, 10th Ave S, 10th Ave SE, 10th St S, 10th Street N, 11th Ave N, 11th Ave S, 11th Ave SE, 11th St N, 11th St S, 12th Ave N, 12th Ave S, 12th Ave SE, 12th St N, 12th St S, 12th Street North exit ramp., 13th Ave S, 13th Ave SE, 13th St N, 13th St S, 14th Ave N, 14th Ave S, 14th Ave SE, 15th Ave N, 15th Ave S, 15th Ave SE, 15th St N, 16th Ave N, 16th Ave S, 16th Ave SE, 16th St N, 17th Ave S, 19th Ave S, 19th Avenue S, 1st Ave N, 1st Ave NE, 1st Avenue S, 1st St N, 1st St S, 20th Ave S, 21st Ave S, 22nd Ave S, 24th Ave S, 26th Ave S, 2nd Ave N, 2nd Ave S, 2nd Ave SE, 2nd St NE, 2nd St SE, 2nd Street S, 3rd Ave N, 3rd Ave NE, 3rd Ave S, 3rd Ave SE, 3rd Avenue Bridge, 3rd St N, 3rd St S, 4th Ave N, 4th Ave NE, 4th Ave S, 4th Ave SE, 4th Avenue S, 4th St N, 4th St NE, 4th St S, 4th St SE, 5th Ave N, 5th Ave NE, 5th Ave S, 5th Ave SE, 5th Avenue S, 5th St N, 5th St NE, 5th St SE, 5th Street North, 6th Ave N, 6th Ave NE, 6th Ave SE, 6th St N, 6th St NE, 6th St S, 6th Street North, 7th Ave N, 7th Ave NE, 7th Ave SE, 7th St NE, 7th St S, 7th St SE, 7th Street North, 7th Street S, 8th Ave N, 8th Ave SE, 8th St N, 8th St S, 8th St SE, 9th Ave N, 9th Ave S, 9th Ave SE, 9th St N, 9th St S, 9th St SE, Arlington St, Azine Way, Bank St SE, Boardwalk Ave, Boardwalk Pl, Border Avenue, Butler Pl S, Carpool lane, Cedar Ave exit, Cedar Ave S, Cedar Avenue exit, Cedar Avenue S, Cedar Lake Trail Bike Path, Cedar Lake Trail Pedestrian Trail, Centennial Pl, Central Ave NE, Central Ave SE, Clifton Ave, Clifton Pl, Como Ave SE, Currie Ave W, De la Salle Dr, Delaware St SE, Dell Pl, Dunwoody Boulevard, E 14th St, E 15th St, E 15th Street, E 16th St, E 16th Street, E 17th St, E 18th St, E Grant St, E Hennepin Ave, E Lyndale Ave N, E Lyndale Avenue N, E Power St, E. Lyndale Ave. N., E. Lyndale Avenue N., Eastman Ave, Elliot Ave S, Fillmore St NE, Garfield St NE, Glenwood Ave, Glenwood Avenue, Gopher Way, Greenway Gables, Grove St, Groveland Ave, Hall Curve, Hall Ln, Harmon Pl, Harmon Place, Harry Davis Ln, Hawthorne Ave, Hawthorne Ave W, Hennepin Ave, Hennepin Ave E; E Hennepin Ave, Hennepin Ave S, Hennepin Avenue, High St S, Highway 55 exit ramp, Holden St N, Chestnut Ave, Chicago Ave S, Church St SE, I- 94 Service Road, I-94 Service Road, Island Ave E, Johnson St NE, Kirby Puckett Pl, Lakeside Ave, Lasalle Ave, Laurel Ave W, Lincoln St NE, Linden Avenue W, Locust St S, Loring Greenway, Lourdes Pl, Lyndale Ave S, Main St NE, Main St SE, Maple Pl, Maple St S, Marquette Ave, Marquette Ave S, Merriam St, Minneapolis Skyway, Monroe St NE, N 2nd St, N 4th St, N 5th St, N 7th St, N 8th Ave, Napco Ave, Nicollet Ave, Nicollet Ave S, Nicollet St, Norm McGrew Pl, North 5th Street, Oak Grove St, Oak Lake Ave, Olson Memorial Hwy, Ortman St SE, Park Ave N, Park Ave S, Pillsbury Dr SE, Pleasant St SE, Plymouth Ave NE, Plymouth Avenue N, Portland Ave S, Ramsey Cir NE, Ramsey St NE, River Pl, River St, Royalston Avenue N, S 13th Ave, S 1st St, S 2nd St, S 3rd Street, S 4th St, S 5th St, S 7th 1/2 St, S 7th St, S 8th St; 19th Ave S, Service Rd, Service Road, Scholar's Walk, Spring St NE, Spruce Pl, State Highway 55, Stone Arch Bridge, Twins Way, Ulysses St NE, University Ave NE, University Ave SE, Van White Ln, Vineland Pl, W 14th St, W 15th Street, W Grant St, W Island Ave, W Lyndale Avenue N, Washington Ave N, Washington Ave S, Washington Ave SE, Washington Avenue S, West River Rd N, Wilder St, Willow St S, Winter St NE, Yale Pl

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