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You can find the list of streets in the ebook with the map as well. The list in the ebook is active (it is possible to click to any street to get to the page, where it is displayed). If you just want to download the map then use the link at the list of streets here.

Streets on the map of Milwaukee

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11th Street Mall, Central Mall, E Bruce St, E Clybourn St, E Kilbourn Ave, E Mason St, E St Paul Ave, East Brady Street, East Buffalo Street, East Clybourn Street, East Corcoran Street, East Dock Street, East Erie Street, East Florida Street, East Highland Avenue, East Cherry Street, East Chicago Street, East Juneau Avenue, East Kewaunee Street, East Kilbourn Avenue, East Knapp Street, East Lyon Street, East Mall, East Mason Street, East Menomonee Street, East Michigan Street, East Ogden Avenue, East Oregon Street, East Pearson Street, East Pittsburgh Avenue, East Pleasant Street, East Polk Street, East Saint Paul Avenue, East Seeboth Street, East Ship Street, East State Street, East Vine Street, East Wells Street, East Wisconsin Avenue, East-West Freeway, East-West Fwy, Hank Aaron State Trail, Kilbourn Tunnel, Lake Freeway, Milwaukee Riverwalk, N 13th St, N 17th St, N 18th Ct, N 18th St, N 19th Ln, N 19th St, N 2nd St, N 7th St, N Hubbard St, N Rivercenter Dr, N Water St, North 10th Street, North 11th Street, North 12th Lane, North 12th Street, North 13th Street, North 14th Lane, North 14th Street, North 15th Street, North 16th Street, North 17th Street, North 18th Street, North 19th Street, North 20th Street, North 2nd Street, North 3rd Street, North 4th Street, North 5th Street, North 6th Street, North 7th Street, North 8th Street, North 9th Street, North Arlington Place, North Art Museum Drive, North Astor Street, North Broadway Street, North Callahan Place, North Cape Street, North Cass Street, North Edison Street, North Emmber Lane, North Farwell Avenue, North Franklin Place, North Front Street, North Harbor Drive, North Humboldt Avenue, North Jackson Street, North James Lovell Street, North Jefferson Street, North Lincoln Memorial Drive, North Market Street, North Marshall Street, North Mayflower Court, North Milwaukee Street, North Plankinton Avenue, North Prospect Avenue, North Pulaski Street, North Renee Street, North Riverwalk Way, North Van Buren Street, North Water Street, North Waverly Place, North Young Street, Oak Leaf Trail, Old World Third Street, S 11th St, S 19th St, S 4th St, S 7th St, S 9th St, S Bettinger Ct, S Muskego Ave, Skywalk, South 1st Place, South 1st Street, South 2nd Street, South 3rd Street, South 5th Street, South 6th Street, South Barclay Street, South Davidson Street, South Emmber Lane, South Jake Marchese Way, South Water Street, W 18th Ct, W 19th Ct, W Barbee St, W Bruce St, W Buffalo St, W Cherry St, W Juneau Ave, W Kneeland St, W Pierce St, W Potawatomi Cir, W Reynolds Pl, W Tory Hill St, W Winnebago St, W Wisconsin Ave, West 13th Street, West Bruce Street, West Canal Street, West Clybourn Street, West Court Street, West Everett Street, West Florida Street, West Fond du Lac Avenue, West Galena Place, West Galena Street, West Highland Avenue, West Highland Boulevard, West Cherry Street, West Juneau Avenue, West Kilbourn Avenue, West Kneeland Street, West Mall, West Manpower Place, West McAuley Place, West McKinley Avenue, West Michigan Street, West Mount Vernon Avenue, West Nicholas Street, West Oregon Street, West Pittsburgh Avenue, West Pleasant Street, West Reverend Cecil A Fisher Lane, West Saint Paul Avenue, West Seeboth Street, West Somers Street, West State Street, West Tory Hill Street, West Vine Street, West Virginia Street, West Vliet Street, West Walnut Street, West Wells Street, West Winnebago Street, West Wisconsin Avenue

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