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Streets on the map of Los Angeles

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15th Drive, 15th Street, 16th Street, 1st Street, 23rd Street, 2nd Street, 37th Street, 3rd Street, 4th St offramp, 4th Street, 5th Street, 6th St / 9th St / Downtown offramp, 6th Street, 7th St offramp, 7th Street, 8th Street, 9th St / Downtown offramp, 9th Street, Academy, Adair Street, Adams Boulevard, Adobe Street, Agatha Street, Aintree Lane, Alameda Street, Albany Street, Albion Street, Alhambra Avenue, Allison Avenue, Alpine Street, Alvarado Street, Alvarado Terrace, Angelina Street, Arapahoe Street, Arcadia Street, Aurora Street, Avenue 18, Avenue 19, Avenue 20, Avenue 24, Avery Street, Avila Street, Azusa Street, Bailey Street, Baker Street, Banning Street, Barranca Street, Bartlett Street, Bauchet Street, Bay Street, Beacon Avenue, Beaudry Avenue, Bellevue Avenue, Belmont Avenue, Bernard Street, Beverly Boulevard, Beverly Boulevard Access Road, Bishops Road, Blackstone Court, Blaine Street, Bloom Street, Bodega Court, Bolero Lane, Bond Street, Bonnie Brae Street, Bonsallo Avenue, Boston Street, Boyd Street, Boyle Avenue, Boylston Street, Bridge Street, Broadway, Broadway Place, Bruno Street, Calumet Avenue, Cambria Street, Cameron Lane, Camulos Place, Camulos Street, Cardinal Street, Carr Lane, Carroll Avenue, Catesby Lane, Centennial Street, Center Street, Central Ave offramp, Central Avenue, Ceres Avenue, Cesar E Chavez Avenue, Cesar Chavez Ave offramp, City View Avenue, Clara Street, Clement Street, Cleveland Street, Clinton Street, Clover Street, College Street, Colton Street, Columbia Avenue, Columbia Place, Colyton Street, Commercial Street, Commonwealth Place, Compton Avenue, Connecticut Street, Constance Street, Convention Center Drive, Conway Place, Coronel Street, Cortez Street, Cottage Place, Council Street, Courtland Street, Crandall Street, Crocker Street, Crosby Lane, Crosby Place, Custer Avenue, Dahlia Court, Daly Street, Damon Street, Darwin Avenue, Dawson Street, Decatur Street, Del Sol Court, Delong Street, Deodara Street, Dewap Road, Diamond Street, Douglas Street, Downey Way, Doyle Place, Dryden Place, Ducommun Street, Eagle Street, East 10th Street, East 11th Street, East 12th Street, East 14th Place, East 14th Street, East 15th Street, East 16th Street, East 17th Street, East 18th Street, East 1st Street, East 20th Street, East 21st Street, East 22nd Street, East 23rd Street, East 24th Street, East 25th Street, East 2nd Street, East 30th Street, East 31st Street, East 33rd Street, East 3rd Street, East 4th Place, East 5th Street, East 6th Street, East 7th Place, East 8th Street, East 9th Place, East Aliso Street, East Ann Street, East Atlantic Court, East College Street, East Edgeware Road, East Kensington Road, Echandia Street, El Portal Court, Elliott Street, Elwood Street, Elysian Park Avenue, Elysian Park Drive, Emerald Drive, Emerald Street, Enero Court, Enterprise Street, Essex Street, Estrella Avenue, Eudora Court, Everett Place, Everett Street, Exposition Boulevard, Factory Place, Fairview Avenue, Figueroa Drive, Figueroa Street, Figueroa Terrace, Firmin Street, Flower Street, Francisco Street, Frank Court, Garland Avenue, Garnet Street, Gateway Plaza, Georgia Street, Gertrude Street, Gibbons Street, Gillette Street, Gladys Avenue, Glendale Boulevard, Glenn Avenue, Golden Avenue, Golden State Freeway, Golden State Freeway;San Bernardino Freeway, Grand Avenue, Grattan Street, Green Avenue, Griffin Av, Griffin Avenue, Griffith Avenue, Guirado Street, Hammond Street, Harbor Freeway, Harlem Place, Hartford Avenue, Hemlock Street, Hill Street, Hollenbeck Drive, Hollins Street, Hollywood Freeway, Hoover Boulevard, Hoover St / Vermont Ave offramp, Hoover Street, Hope Place, Hope Street, Hostetter Street, Hunter Street, Huntley Drive, Channing Street, Cherry Street, Chester Place, Childs Way, Chung King Road, I 10, I 5, I-10 El Monte Busway, I-110 North onramp, I-5 South / Santa Ana onramp, I-5 South onramp, Imperial Street, Industrial Street, Inez Street, Ingraham Street, Innes Avenue, Interstate 10, Interstate 5, Jackson Street, James M Wood Boulevard, Japanese Village Plaza Mall, Jardin Court, Jarvis Place, Jesse Street, Johnston Street, Judson Street, Kearney Street, Kellam Avenue, Keller Street, Kent Street, Kingston Avenue, Kohler Street, La Fayette Park Place, Laguna Avenue, Lake Shore Terrace, Lamar Street, Lanfranco Street, Las Vegas Street, Laveta Terrace, Lawrence Street, Lebanon Street, Lemon Street, Leroy Street, Lilac Place, Lilac Terrace, Linden Street, Lindley Place, Linwood Avenue, Little Street, Loma Drive, Loma Place, London Street, Long Beach Avenue, Long Beach West Avenue, Lookout Drive, Lord Street, Los Angeles Street, Lovelace Avenue, Lucas Avenue, Lugo Street, Luisa Street, Lydia Drive, Lyon Street, Magdalena Street, Magnolia Avenue, Main Street, Main Street offramp, Malvern Avenue, Manuel Street, Maple Avenue, Margo Street, Marietta Street, Marion Avenue, Mark Street, Market Court, Maryland Street, Mateo Place, Mateo Street, McGarry Street, Mercury Court, Merchant Street, Merrick Street, Meyers Street, Midway Lane, Midway Place, Mignonette Street, Michigan Avenue, Mill Street, Miramar Street, Mission Road, Mitchell Place, Modoc Street, Molino Street, Monmouth Avenue, Mono Street, Montana Street, Montezuma Place, Moulton Avenue, Mozart Street, Myers Street, Myrtle Street, Naomi Avenue, New High Street, New Jersey Street, Newton Street, North Avenue 21, North Benton Way, North Bonnie Brae Street, North Broadway, North Burlington Avenue, North Commonwealth Avenue, North Coronado Street, North Cummings Street, North Flower Street, North Fremont Avenue, North Hewitt Street, North Hill Place, North Hoover Street, North Chicago Street, North la Fayette Park Place, North Lake Street, North Main Street, North Mountain View Avenue, North Myers Street, North Occidental Boulevard, North Park View Street, North Place, North Rampart Boulevard, North Scout Way, North Spring Street, North Union Avenue, North Utah Street, North Westlake Avenue, Norwood Street, Oak Street, Ocean View Avenue, Olive Street, Olvera, Olympic Boulevard, Omar Street, Opal Street, Ord Street, Oregon Street, Orme Avenue, Overton Street, Palm Drive, Palmetto Street, Palo Alto Street, Paloma Street, Park Row Drive, Parkman Avenue, Pasadena Freeway, Patton Street, Pennsylvania Avenue, Penrith Drive, Pico Blvd / Convention Center offramp, Pico Boulevard, Plata Street, Plaza San Antonio, Pleasant Avenue, Pomeroy Avenue, Pomona Freeway, Porter Street, Portland Street, Powers Place, Produce Row, Progress Place, Republic Street, Ridge Way, Richmond Street, Rio Street, Rio Vista Avenue, Rivera Court, Rockwood Street, Rogers Avenue, Rosabell Street, Rosalind Avenue, Rose Street, Roselake Avenue, Royal Street, Sacramento Street, Saint James Park, Saint James Place, Saint Paul Place, Saint Vincent Court, Saint Vincent Place, San Benito Street, San Julian Street, San Marino Street, San Pedro St offramp, San Pedro Street, Santa Clara Street, Santa Fe Ave / Mateo St offramp, Santa Fe Avenue, Santa Monica Freeway, Santa Ynez Street, Santee Street, Savoy Street, Scott Avenue, Scout Way, Seaton Street, Severance Street, Sheridan Place, Sheridan Street, Short Street, Sichel Street, Solana Court, Solano Avenue, Soto Street, Soto Street offramp, South Anderson Street, South Avenue 21, South Beaudry Avenue, South Benton Way, South Birch Street, South Bixel Street, South Bonnie Brae Street, South Boylston Street, South Burlington Avenue, South Carondelet Street, South Cecelia Street, South Clarence Street, South Commonwealth Avenue, South Concord Street, South Coronado Street, South Crocker Street, South Dillon Street, South Edgeware Road, South Evergreen Avenue, South Fickett Street, South Flower Street, South Fremont Avenue, South Gless Street, South Grand Avenue, South Grand View Street, South Hall Drive, South Hewitt Street, South Hoover Street, South Hope Street, South Chicago Street, South Lake Street, South Lorena Street, South Maple Avenue, South Mission Road, South Mountain View Avenue, South Myers Street, South Olive Street, South Park View Street, South Pecan Street, South Rampart Boulevard, South Reno Street, South Saint Louis Street, South State Street, South Union Avenue, South Utah Street, South Westlake Avenue, Spring Street, Stadium Way, Stanford Avenue, State Street, Staunton Avenue, Summit Avenue, Sunbury Street, Sunrise Street, Sunset Boulevard, Sunset Boulevard Access Road, Sussex Lane, Tarleton Street, Temple Street, Terminal Street, Toberman Street, Towne Avenue, Traction Avenue, Trinity Street, Union Drive, Union Pacific Avenue, Union Place, United States Route 101, University Avenue, Upper 2nd Street, Valencia Street, Vallejo Street, Valley Street, Vendome Street, Venice Boulevard, Via Las Vegas, Victor Street, Vignes Street, Villa Drive, Violet Street, Wall Street, Wallace Avenue, Walnut Street, Warren Street, Washington, Washington Boulevard, Washington Street, Watt Way, Welcome Street, Werdin Place, West 10th Place, West 10th Street, West 11th Place, West 11th Street, West 12th Place, West 12th Street, West 14th Place, West 14th Street, West 15th Street, West 17th Street, West 18th Street, West 20th Street, West 21st Street, West 22nd Street, West 23rd Street, West 24th Street, West 25th Street, West 27th Street, West 28th Street, West 2nd Street, West 30th Street, West 31st Street, West 32nd Street, West 33rd Street, West 35th Place, West 35th Street, West 36th Place, West 36th Street, West 37th Place, West 37th Street, West 38th Street, West 3rd Street, West 4th Street, West 5th Street, West 7th Street, West 8th Place, West Adams Boulevard, West Aliso Street, West Ann Street, West College Street, West Court Street, West Gen Thad Kosciuszko Way, West Kensington Road, West Maryland Street, West Pico Boulevard, White Knoll Drive, Whittier Boulevard, Wilde Street, Willow Street, Wilmot Street, Wilshire Boulevard, Wilson Street, Winston Street, Witmer Street, Workman Street, Wright Street, Yale Street

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