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You can find the list of streets in the ebook with the map as well. The list in the ebook is active (it is possible to click to any street to get to the page, where it is displayed). If you just want to download the map then use the link at the list of streets here.

Streets on the map of Houston

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Albany Street, Allen Parkway, Andrews Street, Ann, Arthur Street, Avenida de Las Americas, Bagby Street, Bailey Street, Baker Street, Baldwin Street, Bayou Vista Drive, Bell Street, Blue Place Circle, Bluebonnet Place Circle, Boston Street, Brazos Street, Bremond Street, Buckner Street, Buel Court, Canal Street, Capitol Street, Clay, Clay Street, Cleveland Street, Colby Street, Columbia Tap Rail to Trail, Columbia Tap Rail Trail, Commerce Street, Congress Street, Cook Street, Cordier Court, Courtlandt Place, Crawford Street, Crosby Street, Cushing Street, Dallas Avenue, Dallas Street, Delano Street, Dennis, Denver Street, Dowling Street, East Drive, Eastex Freeway, Elysian Street, Emerson Street, Ennis Street, Fannin Street, Felix, Franklin Street, Genesee Street, Gillette Street, Golf Link Place, Gray Street, Hamilton Street, Harrisburg Boulevard, Heiner Street, Helena Street, Holman Street, Hopkins Street, Hopson Street, Houston Avenue, Howe Street, Hutchins Street, Chartres Street, Chenevert Street, Jefferson Avenue, Jefferson Street, Jones Plaza, La Branch Street, Lamar, Lamar Street, Lamb, Lamb Street, Leeland Street, Live Oak Alley, Live Oak Street, Lottman Street, Louisiana Street, Lovett Boulevard, Mason Street, Matthews Street, Mc Alpine Street, Mc Ilhenny, Mc Ilhenny Street, McAlpine Street, McGowen Street, McIlhenny Street, McKinney Avenue, McKinney Street, Memorial Drive, Middleton Street, Milam Street, Morgan Street, Nagle, Nagle Street, Nash Street, Navigation Boulevard, Neurath Place, North Crawford Street, North Hamilton Street, North Chenevert Street, North Jackson Street, North Live Oak Street, North Memorial Way, North San Jacinto Street, O'Neil Street, Oak Court, Oak Place, Pacific Street, Paige Street, Palmer Street, Park Trail Run, Park Trail Vista, Park Trail Way, Park Vista Drive, Pease Street, Pierce Elevated, Pierce Street, Polk Street, Prairie Avenue, Prairie Street, Race Street, Rhode Place, Riesner Street, Robin Street, Robita Street, Ruiz Street, Runnels Street, Rusk Street, Ruthven Street, Sabine Street, Saint Charles, Saint Charles Street, Saint Joseph Parkway, San Jacinto Street, Saulnier Street, Sawyer Street, Scott Street, Shaw Street, Skyline Trail, Skyline Vista, Smith Street, State Street, Stratford Street, Sun Court, Sutton Street, Taft Street, Temple Drive, Texas Avenue, Texas Street, Top Street, Tuam Street, Valentine, Valentine Street, Valentine Way, Velasco Street, Victor Alley, Victor Street, Walker Street, Webster Street, West Dallas Street, West Drive, West Gray Street, West Walker Avenue, West Webster Street, Westmoreland Street, Whitney Street, Wilson Street

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