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You can find the list of streets in the ebook with the map as well. The list in the ebook is active (it is possible to click to any street to get to the page, where it is displayed). If you just want to download the map then use the link at the list of streets here.

Streets on the map of Hollywood

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11th Street, 12th Street, 7th Street, 8th Street, Afton Place, Alexandria Avenue, Ambrose Avenue, Ardmore Avenue, Argyle Avenue, Avenue A, Avenue C, Avenue East, Avenue H, Avenue J, Avenue T, Banner Avenue, Barton Avenue, Beachwood Drive, Bella Vista Way, Berendo Street, Black Oak Drive, Bonair Place, Bonita Terrace, Briar Cliff Road, Bronson Avenue, Burns Avenue, Camrose Drive, Cantata Drive, Canyon Drive, Carlos Avenue, Carlton Way, Carmen Avenue, Carmen Place, Castilian Drive, Catalina Street, Cerritos Place, Clarissa Avenue, Cole Avenue, Cole Place, Cosmo Street, Courtney Avenue, Courtney Terrace, Cummings Drive, Cummings Lane, Curson Place, De Longpre Avenue, De Mille Drive, Dickson Lane, Dix Street, Edgemont Street, El Centro Avenue, El Cerrito Place, Eleanor Avenue, Electra Court, Electra Drive, Emmett Terrace, Fareholm Drive, Fernwood Avenue, Finley Avenue, Fitch Drive, Floral Avenue, Foothill Drive, Fountain Avenue, Franklin Avenue, Franklin Place, Garfield Place, Glencoe Way, Gordon Street, Grace Avenue, Greenacre Avenue, Greenwood Place, Gregory Avenue, Hampton Avenue, Happy Lane, Harold Way, Harvard Boulevard, Havenhurst Drive, Hawthorn Avenue, Hemet Place, Highland Avenue, Highland Trail, Hillcrest Road, Hillside Avenue, Hobart Boulevard, Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood Freeway, Homewood Avenue, Honey Drive, Chula Vista Way, Institute Place, Iris Drive, Ivar Avenue, Kendra Court, Kenmore Avenue, Kingsley Drive, Kingswell Avenue, La Baig Avenue, La Brea Avenue, La Brea Terrace, La Cresta Court, La Mirada Avenue, La Presa Drive, Lanewood Avenue, Lark Lane, Las Palmas Avenue, Laurel Canyon Boulevard, Laurel View Drive, Leland Way, Lemon Grove Avenue, Lexington Avenue, Lillian Way, Linwood Drive, Lockwood Avenue, Lodi Place, Loma Linda Avenue, Longview Avenue, Los Tilos Road, Lower Road, Marshfield Way, Maubert Avenue, Melbourne Avenue, Milner Avenue, Milner Road, Monroe Street, Morgan Hill Drive, Morningside Court, Mound Street, New Hampshire Avenue, Normal Avenue, Normandie Avenue, North Alexandria Avenue, North Alta Vista Boulevard, North Ardmore Avenue, North Citrus Avenue, North Crescent Heights Boulevard, North Detroit Street, North Fairfax Avenue, North Fuller Avenue, North Gardner Street, North Hudson Avenue, North Cherokee Avenue, North June Street, North Kingsley Drive, North Las Palmas Avenue, North Laurel Avenue, North Mariposa Avenue, North Martel Avenue, North McCadden Place, North Orange Drive, North Orchid Avenue, North Poinsettia Place, North Ridgewood Place, North Saint Andrew's Place, North Serrano Avenue, North Sierra Bonita Avenue, North Spaulding Avenue, North Stanley Avenue, North Sycamore Avenue, North Van Ness Avenue, North Vista Street, North Wilcox Avenue, North Wilton Place, Norton Avenue, Orange Drive, Orchid Avenue, Outpost Circle, Padre Lane, Palmerston Place, Paramount Drive, Pinehurst Road, Poinsettia Drive, Primrose Avenue, Rockledge Road, Romaine Street, Russell Avenue, Saint Andrew's Place, Santa Monica Boulevard, Seaview Trail, Selma Avenue, Serrano Avenue, Serrano Place, Seward Street, Sierra Vista Avenue, South Yucca Street, Sunset Boulevard, Swansea Place, Sycamore Avenue, Taft Avenue, Tamarind Avenue, Tryon Road, Upper Road, Van Ness Avenue, Vermont Place, Vine Street, Vine Way, Virginia Avenue, Vista del Mar Avenue, Vista del Mar Street, Vista Place, Watsonia Court, Watsonia Terrace, Wedgewood Place, Welch Place, West Sunset Boulevard, Western Avenue, Whitley Avenue, Whitley Terrace, Wilcox Avenue, Wilcox Place, Willoughby Avenue, Willow Brook Avenue, Wilton, Wilton Place, Winona Boulevard, Woodland Drive, Woodland Lane, Woodland Way, Yeager Place, Yucca Street

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