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Streets on the map of Halifax

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1st Street, 2nd Street, 3rd Street, 4th Street, Abbott Drive, Acadia Street, Adelaide Avenue, Agricola Street, Ahern Avenue, Aikens Avenue, Albemarle Street, Albert Place, Albert Street, Alderney Drive, Alderwood Drive, Alex Street, Allan Street, Alma Crescent, Almon Street, Alton Drive, Alumni Crescent, Andrew Street, Angus L. Macdonald Bridge, Angus Macdonald Bridge, Angus Macdonald Bridge Walkway, Anchor Drive, Annadale Street, Argyle Street, Arm Crescent East, Arm Crescent West, Armdale Rotary, Armshore Drive, Armview Avenue, Armview Terrace, Artillery Place, Artz Street, Ascot Street, Ashburn Avenue, Ashdale Avenue, Ashton Lane, Atlantic Street, Bakers Drive, Balcomes Drive, Barnstead Lane, Barrington Street, Basinview Drive, Bayers Road, Bayne Street, Beaufort Avenue, Bedford Highway, Bedford Row, Beech Street, Bell Road, Belle Aire Terrace, Bellevue Avenue, Belmont Road, Benjamin Green Drive, Beresford Road, Berlin Street, Bermuda Avenue, Best Street, Bilby Street, Binney Street, Birch Street, Birchdale Avenue, Birchwood Drive, Birmingham Street, Bishop Street, Black Street, Bland Street, Blenheim Terrace, Bligh St, Blink Bonnie Terrace, Bliss Street, Bloomfield Street, Bloomingdale Terrace, Blowers Street, Blue Willow Court, Botany Terrace, Braeburn Road, Brenton Place, Brenton Street, Brewer Court, Briar Lane, Bridges Street, Bright Street, Brook Street, Brookside Avenue, Brunswick Street, Brussels Street, Buckingham Street, Buddy Daye Street, Burgee Run, Bus Only, Cabot Back Lane, Cabot Place, Cabot Street, Caitland Court, Cambridge Street, Canal Street, Carlton Street, Carmichael Street, Carriageway Crescent, Cartaret Street, Castine Way, Cedar Street, Cedarbank Terrace, Central Avenue, Citadel Hill Access Road, Claremont Street, Clifton Street, Clinton Avenue, Cloverdale Road, Clyde Street, Coburg Road, Cogswell Street, Cogswell Street Ramp, Coleman Court, College Street, Columbus Back Lane, Columbus Place, Columbus Street, Commission Street, Compton Avenue, Connaught Avenue, Connolly Street, Connor Lane, Conrose Avenue, Cook Avenue, Cork Street, Cornwall Street, Cornwallis Street, Coronation Avenue, Coronet Avenue, Cottage Road, Craigmore Drive, Creighton Street, Crescent Avenue, Cromwell Road, Cross Street, Crown Drive, Cunard Street, Dalhousie Street, Dartmouth Avenue, Dartmouth Waterfront Trail, Davis Street, Davison Street, Dawson Street, Deacon Street, Deal Street, Demone Street, Desmond Avenue, Devonshire Avenue, Devonshire Street, Dickson Street, Dingle Road, Doug Smith Drive, Douglas Drive, Doyle Street, Dresden Row, Drillio Crescent, Drummond Court, Dublin Street, Dudley Street, Duffus Street, Duke Street, Duncan Street, Dundas Street, Dunolly Street, Dunvegan Drive, Dutch Village Road, East Perimeter Road, Edgehill Road, Edgewood Avenue, Edinburgh Street, Edward Arab Avenue, Edward Street, Edzell Castle Circle, Elizabeth Drive, Elliott Street, Elm Street, Ernst Avenue, Erskine Street, Evans Avenue, Fairbanks Street, Fairfield Road, Fairmount Road, Falkland Street, Faulkner Street, Federal Avenue, Fenerty Road, Fenwick Street, Fenwood Road, Fern Lane, Ferndale Drive, Fielding Avenue, Findlay Road, FIXME, Flinn Street, Ford Street, Forrest Avenue, Foundry Lane, Fraser St, Fraser Street, Frederick Avenue, Fuller Terrace, Gainsborough Place, Garden Street, Garrick Lane, Geldert Street, George Dauphinee Avenue, George Street, Gladstone Street, Glebe Street, Glendale Road, Gleneagle Way, Glengary Drive, Glenmore Avenue, Gottingen Street, Grafton Street, Granville Street, Green Road, Green Street, Greenwood Avenue, Grove Street, Halef Court, Halifax Commons Footway, Halifax Shopping Centre Access Road, Halifax Urban Greenway, Hanover Street, Hare Lane, Harris Street, Hart Road, Harvard Street, Harvey Street, Hawthorne Street, Heatherwood Court, Heinish Avenue, Hemlock Street, Hennessy Back Lane, Hennessy Place, Hennessy Street, Henry St, Henry Street, Herbert Road, Herring Cove Road, High Street, Highland Avenue, Highway 102, Hilford Street, Hillside Avenue, Hollis Street, Homecrest Terrace, Hood Street, Hunter Street, Charles Street, Chebucto Lane, Chebucto Road, Cherry Street, Chester Avenue, Chestnut Street, Chisholme Avenue, Chocolate Lake Road, Church Street, Churchill Drive, Idlewylde Road, Imo Lane, Isleville Street, Isner Avenue, Ivanhoe Street, Jack Fergusson Avenue, James Street, Jennings Street, John Parr Drive, John Street, Joseph Howe Drive, Joseph Street, Jubilee Road, June Street, Kane Back Lane, Kane Place, Kane Street, Kaye Street, Keddy Road, Kelly Street, Kempt Road, Kencrest Av., Kenny Street, Kent Street, King Street, Kings Wharf Place, Kline Street, Knob Hill Crescent, Lady Hammond Road, Lanigan Court, Larch Street, Laurie Drive, Lawnwood Avenue, Lawnwood Extension, Lawrence Street, Leaman Street, Leeds Street, Lemarchant Street, Leppert Street, Lexington Avenue, Lilac Street, Linden Street, Lindola Place, Liverpool Street, Livingstone Back Lane, Livingstone Place, Livingstone Street, Lloyd Fox Avenue, London Street, Loop Road, Lord Dalhousie Drive, Lower Water Street, Lucknow Street, Lundys Lane, Lyle Street, Lynch Street, Lynn Road, Macara Street, Macdonald Bridge Bike Lane, Macdonald Bridge cyclepath, Macdonald Street, Macdougall Street, Mackintosh Street, Mailing Street, Main Avenue, Maitland Street, Maple Street, Maplewood Drive, Margaret Road, Margate Drive, Marginal Road, Market Street, Marlborough Avenue, Marriott Street, Martello Street, Mascarene Drive, Massachusetts Avenue, Maxwell Avenue, May Street, Mayfield Street, Maynard Street, Mayo Street, McAlpine Avenue, McCully Street, McFatride Road, Mclean Street, Melrose Avenue, Melton Avenue, Melville Avenue, Melwood Avenue, Memorial Drive, Merkel Back Lane, Merkel Place, Merkel Street, Merson Avenue, Micmac Street, Mill Lane, Milsom Street, Mitchell St, Mitchell Street, Monaghan Drive, Monastery Lane, Morningside Drive, Morris Street, Mott Street, Mumford Road, Murdoch Avenue, Murray Place, Myrtle Street, Nantucket Avenue, Needham Street, Newcastle Street, Newton Avenue, Niobe Gate Bridge, Normandy Drive, North Park Street, North Street, Northwood Terrace, Norwood Street, Novalea Drive, NS Power Parking, Oak Street, Oakland Road, Oakleigh Avenue, Oliver Street, Ontario Street, Oxford Street, Pacific Street, Palmer Hill Road, Park Avenue, Parkdale Avenue, Parkwood Terrace, Patricia Street, Payzant Avenue, Peace Court, Pearson Drive, Pelzant Street, Pennington Street, Pepperrell Street, Percy Street, Peter Lowe Avenue, Philip Street, Piers Avenue, Pine Street, Pinehaven Drive, Pineridge Drive, Pleasant Street, Poplar Street, Portland Place, Portland Street, Prescott Street, Preston Street, Prince Albert Drive, Prince Arthur Street, Prince Street, Princess Place, Provo Wallis Street, Pryor Street, Purcells Cove Road, Quarry Road, Queen Street, Quingale Place, Quinn Street, Quinpool Road, Quinpool Shopping Centre access, Rainnie Drive, Ralph Devlin Drive, Ralston Avenue, Rector Street, Regatta Point Walkway, Regent Road, Regina Terrace, Reserve Road, Retreat Avenue, Rhuland Street, Ridgepark Lane, Ridgestone Court, Ridgewood Drive, Richmond Street, Ritchie Drive, Robert Murphy Drive, Roberts Street, Robie Street, Rockcliffe Street, Rockhead Court, Rockwood Avenue, Romans Avenue, Roome Street, Roosevelt Drive, Rosebank Avenue, Rosedale Avenue, Rosedale Dr, Rosemeade Avenue, Rosemount Avenue, Roslyn Road, Rowe Avenue, Royal Pine Avenue, Rufus Avenue, Russell Street, Sackville Street, Salter Street, Samuel Terrace, Samuel Walker Drive, Scot Street, Seaforth Street, Sebastian Back Lane, Sebastian Place, Sebiastian Street, Seldon Street, Service Road, Seymour Street, Shady Lane, Sherwood Street, Shirley Street, School Ave, Side Road, Simpsons Lane, Slayter Street, Smith Street, Somerset Avenue, South Armcrescent Street, South Bland Street, South Park Street, South Street, Spinnaker Drive, Spring Garden Road, Springvale Avenue, Spruce Street, St Andrews Avenue, St Margarets Bay Road, St Matthias Street, St Pauls Street, Stairs Back Lane, Stairs Place, Stairs Street, Stanbury Street, Stanford Street, Stanley Back Lane, Stanley Place, Stanley Street, Stone Gate Drive, Stoneham Court, Stonehaven Road, Strawberry Hill Street, Stuart Graham Drive, Studley Avenue, Sullivan Street East, Sullivan Street West, Sullivan Terrace, Summer Street, Summit Street, Sunnybrae Avenue, Sunset Avenue, Swaine Street, Tamarack Drive, Terminal Road, Thistle Street, Thompson Street, Thornvale Avenue, Titus Street, Tobin Street, Tower Road, Tower Terrace, Trollope Street, Tupper Grove, Uniacke Street, Union Street, University Avenue, Upper Water Street, Val Street, Veith Street, Vernon Street, Vestry Street, Veterans Memorial Lane, Victoria Road, Vienna Street, Vimy Avenue, Vincent Street, Waegwoltic Avenue, Walcot Run, Walnut Street, Walsh Court, Walter Havill Drive, Walton Drive, Ward Avenue, Warren Street, Waterloo Street, Watt Street, Waverly Terrace, Webster Terrace, Wellington Street, Welsford Street, Wentworth Street, West Street, Westerwald Street, Westmount Street, White Glove Terrace, William Hunt Avenue, William Street, Willow Street, Windcrest Terrace, Windermere Road, Windmill Road, Windsor Street, Windsor Terrace, Winchester Avenue, Winston Place, Winter Street, Withrod Drive, Wolfe Crescent, Wood Avenue, Woodbine Avenue, Woodill Street, Woodlawn, Wright Avenue, Wyse Road, Yale Street, York Street, Young Avenue, Young Back Lane, Young Street, Yukon Street

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