Edinburgh - map: List of streets

Here you can find list of streets displayed on Edinburgh - map

You can find the list of streets in the ebook with the map as well. The list in the ebook is active (it is possible to click to any street to get to the page, where it is displayed). If you just want to download the map then use the link at the list of streets here.

Streets on the map of Edinburgh

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Abbey Lane, Abbey Street, Abbeyhill, Abbeyhill Crescent, Abercorn Avenue, Abercorn Crescent, Abercorn Drive, Abercorn Gardens, Abercorn Grove, Abercorn Road, Abercromby Place, Abinger Gardens, Academy Court, Academy Park, Academy Street, Admiralty Street, Afton Place, Afton Terrace, Ainslie Place, Aird's Close, Albany Lane, Albany Street, Albany Street Lane, Albert Road, Albert Street, Albion Gardens, Albion Place, Albion Road, Albion Terrace, Albyn Place, Alemoor Park, Allan Street, Allanfield, Allanfield Place, Alva Street, Anderson Place, Andrew Wood Court, Anchor Close, Ann Street, Annandale Street, Annfield Street, Antigua Street, Arboretum Ave, Arboretum Place, Arboretum Road, Argyle Street, Archibald Place, Arthur Street, Arthur Street Lane, Ashley Place, Ashville Terrace, Assembly Street, Atholl Crescent, Atholl Place, Bakehouse Close, Balbirnie Place, Balfour Place, Balfour Street, Ballantyne Road, Balmoral Place, Baltic Street, Bangholm Terrace, Bangor Road, Bank Street, Barleyhill Terrace, Barnton Terrace Lane, Baronscourt Road, Barony Place, Bath Road, Bathfield, Beaverhall Road, Bedford Court, Bedford Street, Beechwood Terrace, Belford Avenue, Belford Gardens, Belford Park, Belford Place, Belford Road, Belgrave Crescent, Belgrave Mews, Belgrave Place, Bell Place, Bell's Wynd, Bellevue, Bellevue Crescent, Bellevue Gardens, Bellevue Place, Bellevue Road, Bellevue Street, Bellevue Terrace, Belvedere Park, Beresford Avenue, Beresford Gardens, Beresford Place, Beresford Terrace, Bernard Street, Bethlehem Way, Blackadder Place, Blackfriars Street, Blackie Road, Blair Street, Blenheim Place, Blinkbonny Gardens, Blinkbonny Road, Boat Green, Bonar Place, Bonnington Avenue, Bonnington Gait, Bonnington Grove, Bonnington Road, Borthwick Place, Boswall Crescent, Boswall Drive, Boswall Gardens, Boswall Grove, Boswall Road, Boswall Terrace, Bothwell Street, Bowmont Place, Boys Brigade Walk, Brandfield Street, Brandon Street, Brandon Terrace, Bread Street, Breadalbane Street, Briery Bauks, Brighton Street, Bristo Place, Bristo Port, Brougham Place, Brougham Street, Broughton Place, Broughton Road, Broughton Street, Brown Street, Brown's Close, Brunswick Road, Brunswick Street, Brunton Terrace, Buccleuch Place, Buckingham Terrace, Buchanan Street, Burgess Street, Burlington Street, Burns Street, Cadiz Street, Caithness Place, Caledonian Crescent, Caledonian Place, Caledonian Road, Calton Hill, Calton Road, Cambridge Avenue, Cambridge Gardens, Cambridge Street, Cambusnethan Street, Canning Street, Canon Lane, Canon Street, Canongate, Canonmills, Carberry Place, Carlton Street, Carlton Terrace, Carmichael Place, Carnegie Court, Carnegie Street, Carpet Lane, Carrington Crescent, Carrington Road, Carron Place, Castle Street, Castle Terrace, Castle Wynd North, Castle Wynd South, Castlehill, Cathcart Place, Cathedral Lane, Cemetery Road, Circus Lane, Circus Place, Citadel Place, City Park, Claremont Bank, Claremont Court, Claremont Crescent, Claremont Gardens, Claremont Grove, Claremont Park, Claremont Road, Clarence Street, Clarendon Crescent, Clark Avenue, Clark Place, Clark Road, Clerk Street, Clock Mill Lane, Coates Crescent, Coates Gardens, Coatfield Lane, Coburg Street, Cockburn Street, Cochrane Place, College View, College Wynd, Collins Place, Coltbridge Avenue, Coltbridge Gardens, Colville Place, Comely Bank, Comely Bank Road, Comely Bank Terrace, Commercial Quay, Commercial Street, Connaught Place, Considine Gardens, Constitution Place, Constitution Street, Cooper's Close, Cornwall Street, Cornwallis Place, Corstorphine Road, Corunna Place, Couper Street, Cowgate, Craig's Close, Craigentinny Avenue, Craigentinny Grove, Craigentinny Road, Craigetinny Road, Craighall Avenue, Craighall Crescent, Craighall Gardens, Craighall Road, Craighall Terrace, Craigleith Drive, Craigleith Hill Avenue, Craigleith Hill Crescent, Craigleith Hill Grove, Craigleith Road, Craigleith View, Cranston Street, Crarae Avenue, Crewe Bank, Crewe Place, Crewe Road North, Crewe Road West, Crewe Terrace, Crichton Street, Crichton's Close, Cromwell Place, Crown Place, Crown Square, Crown Street, Cumberland Street, Customs Wharf, Dalgety Avenue, Dalgety Road, Dalgety Street, Dalmeny Road, Dalmeny Street, Dalry Place, Dalry Road, Damside, Danube Street, Darnaway Street, Darnell Road, Davidson Park, Davidson Road, Davie Street, Dean Bridge, Dean Park Crescent, Dean Park Mews, Dean Path, Dean Street, Dean Terrace, Deanery Close, Denham Green Place, Derby Street, Devon Place, Dewar Place, Dickinsonfield, Dickson Street, Dicksonfield, Distillery Lane, Dock Place, Dock Street, Donaldson Court, Douglas Crescent, Douglas Gardens, Doune Terrace, Drummond Place, Drummond Street, Dryden Gait, Dryden Street, Dryden Terrace, Dublin Street, Dublin Street Lane North, Duddingston Avenue, Duddingston Road, Duddingston Road West, Dudley Avenue, Dudley Crescent, Dudley Gardens, Dudley Grove, Dudley Terrace, Duff Road, Duff Street, Duke Place, Duke Street, Duke's Walk, Dunbar Street, Dunbar's Close, Duncan Place, Dundas Street, Dundonald Street, Dunedin Street, Dyer's Close, Earl Grey Street, Earl Haig Gardens, Earl Street, East Adam Street, East Claremont Street, East Cromwell Street, East Crosscauseway, East Fountainbridge, East Hermitage Place, East Lillypot, East London Street, East Market Street, East Montgomery Place, East Pilton Farm Avenue, East Pilton Farm Crescent, East Pilton Farm Wynd, East Slivermills Lane, East Trinity Road, Easter Dalry Drive, Easter Drylaw Place, Easter Hermitage, Easter Road, Easter Warriston, Edina Place, Edina Street, Eglinton Crescent, Eildon Street, Eildon Terrace, Elbe Street, Elder Street, Elgin Street, Elgin Street North, Elgin Terrace, Elliot Street, Elm Place, Elm Row, Elmwood Terrace, Entrance, Esplanade, Eton Terrace, Ettrickdale Place, Eyre Crescent, Eyre Place, Eyre Terrace, Falshaw Bridge, Ferry Road, Ferry Road Avenue, Ferry Road Path, Ferryfield, Fettes College, Fettes Rise, Fettes Row, Fillyside Road, Findlay Avenue, Findlay Grove, Fishmarket Square, Fleming Place, Fleshmarket Close, Forbes Street, Forres Street, Forrest Hill, Forrest Road, Forth Street, Fountain Close, Fountainbridge, Fox Street, Fraser Avenue, Fraser Crescent, Fraser Gardens, Frederick Street, Gabriel's Road, Gardeners Crescent; Morrison Street, Gayfield Close, Gayfield Square, Gentle's Entry, George IV Bridge, George Square, George Street, Gibson Street, Gifford Park, Giles Street, Gilmore Park, Gilmore Place, Gilmour Street, Gladstone Court, Gladstone Place, Glen Street, Glencairn Crescent, Glenfinlas Street, Glenogle House, Glenogle Terrace, Gloucester Lane, Gloucester Place, Gloucester Square, Gloucester Street, Goldenacre Path, Gordon Street, Graham Street, Grandfield, Grandville, Granny's Green Steps, Granton Crescent, Granton Gardens, Granton Grove, Granton Place, Granton Road, Granton Terrace, Granton View, Grassmarket, Great Junction Street, Great King Street, Great Stuart Street, Green Street, Greenside End, Greenside Lane, Greyfriars, Greyfriars Place, Grierson Avenue, Grierson Crescent, Grierson Road, Grierson Square, Grigor Drive, Grigor Gardens, Grindlay Street, Grosvenor Crescent, Grosvenor Gardens, Grosvenor Street, Grove Street, Gullan's Close, Guthrie Street, Haddington Place, Haddon's Court, Hamilton Place, Hamilton Wynd, Hammermen's Entry, Hampton Place, Hanover Street, Hardwell Close, Hart Street, Hastie's Close, Haugh Street, Hawkhill, Hawkhill Avenue, Hawthornbank Lane, Hawthornbank Place, Hawthornvale Path, Haymarket, Haymarket Terrace, Henderland Road, Henderson Gardens, Henderson Place, Henderson Place Lane, Henderson Row, Henderson Street, Heriot Place, Heriot Row, Hermitage Park, Hermitage Place, Hermits Croft, Herriot Mount, High School Yards, High Street, Hill Place, Hill Square, Hill Street, Hillside Crescent, Hillside Street, Holyrood Road, Home Street, Hope Park Square, Hope Street, Hopefield Terrace, Hopetoun Court, Hopetoun Crescent, Hopetoun Street, Horse Wynd, Hospital Main Drive, Howden Street, Howe Street, Hunter Square, Hunter's Close, Huntingdon Place, Huntly Street, Hutton Road, Chalmers Close, Chalmers Street, Chambers Street, Chapel Lane, Chapel Street, Chapelhill Road, Charles Street, Charles Street Lane, Charlesfield, Charlotte Lane, Charlotte Square, Chessel's Court, Chester Street, Cheyne Street, Christiemiller Grove, Christiemiller Place, India Place, India Street, Industrial Road, Industry Lane, Infirmary Street, Inverleith Grove, Inverleith Place Lane, Inverleith Row, Inverleith Terrace, Iona Street, Jacksons Close, Jacob's Ladder, Jamaica Street, James Court East Entry, James Court West Entry, Jameson Place, Jane Street, Jeffrey Street, John's Lane, John's Place, Johnston Terrace, Junction Place, Keir Street, Kenmure Avenue, Kennedy Walk, Kerr Street, King Street, King's Stables Road, Kinghorn Place, Kinnear Rise, Kinnear Road, Kirk Street, Kyle Place, Lady Nairne Crescent, Lady Nairne Place, Lady Stairs Close, Lady Wynd, Lansdowne Crescent, Largo Place, Laurie Street, Lauriston Park, Lauriston Place, Lauriston Street, Laverockbank Gardens, Lawnmarket, Learmonth Avenue, Learmonth Court, Learmonth Crescent, Learmonth Gardens Lane, Learmonth Park, Learmonth Place, Learmonth Terrace Lane, Learmonth View, Leith Fort, Leith Street, Leith Walk, Lennox Row, Lennox Street, Lennox Street Lane, Leslie Place, Liddesdale Place, Lindean Place, Lindsay Place, Lindsay Road, Lindsay Street, Links Gardens, Links Lane, Links Place, Linksview House, Lismore Avenue, Lismore Crescent, Little King Street, Logan Street, Logie Green Gardens, Logie Green Loan, Lochend Avenue, Lochend Close, Lochend Crescent, Lochend Drive, Lochend Park, Lochend Road, Lochend Road South, Lochrin Place, Lomond Road, London Road, London Street, Lonsdale Terrace, Lorne Place, Lorne Square, Lorne Street, Lothian Road, Lothian Street, Lower Granton Road, Lyne Street, Lynedoch Place, Lyon's Close, Mackenzie Place, Madeira Place, Madeira Street, Madelvic Square, Magdala Mews, Manor Place, Mansfield Place, Marine Esplanade, Marionville Drive, Marionville Road, Maritime Lane, Maritime Street, Market Street, Marrionville Road, Marshall Street, Marshall's Court, Maryfield, Mayville Gardens, Mayville Gardens East, McDonald Place, McDonald Road, McDonald Street, McKelvie Parade, Meadow Lane, Meadowbank Avenue, Meadowbank Crescent, Meadowbank Terrace, Meadowfield Avenue, Meadowfield Drive, Meadowfield Gardens, Meadowfield Terrace, Melville Crescent, Melville Drive, Melville Street, Merchant Street, Meuse Lane, Middle Meadow Walk, Middlefield, Mill Lane, Milnes Court, Milton Street, Mitchell Street, Moira Park, Moira Terrace, Moira Terrace Lane, Monmouth Terrace, Montgomery Street, Montrose Terrace, Moray Park, Moray Park Terrace, Moray Place, Morrison Crescent, Morrison Street, Munroe Place, Murano Place, Murrayfield Avenue, Murrayfield Gardens, Murrayfield Place, Nantwich Drive, Nelson Place, Nelson Street, Netherby Road, New Broompark, New Lane, New Skinner's Close, New Street, Newhaven Main Street, Newhaven Place, Newhaven Road, Nicolson Street, Niddry Street, Niddry Street South, Nightingale Way, Nichollfield, Noble Place, North Bank Street, North Bridge, North Castle Street, North Clyde Street Lane, North Fort Street, North Charlotte Street, North Junction Street, North Leith Mill, North Meadow Walk, North Park Terrace, North Pilrig Heights, North St Andrew Street, North Werber Place, North Werber Road, Northcote Street, Northfield Avenue, Northfield Crescent, NorthField Drive, Northfield Gardens, Northfield Grove, Northfield Park, Northfield Road, Northfield Square, Northumberland Place, Northumberland Street, Northumberland Street North East Lane, Northumberland Street South East Lane, Norton Park, Oakfield Place, Ocean Drive, Ocean Way, Old Broughton, Orchard Bank, Orchard Brae, Orchard Brae Avenue, Orchard Brae West, Orchard Crescent, Orchard Drive, Orchard Grove, Orchard Place, Orchard Road, Orchard Road South, Orchard Terrace, Orchardfield Lane, Orwell Place, Orwell Terrace, Oxford Terrace, Paisley Avenue, Paisley Crescent, Paisley Drive, Paisley Grove, Paisley Terrace, Palmerston Place, Palmerston Place Lane, Panmure Place, Papermill Wynd, Park Place, Park Road, Parker Avenue, Parker Road, Parker Terrace, Parkside Street, Parkside Terrace, Parkvale Place, Parliament Square, Parliament Street, Pattison Street, Peacock Court, Pembroke Place, Perth Street, Picardy Place, Pier Place, Piersfield Place, Piershill Lane, Piershill Square East, Pilrig Glebe, Pilrig Heights, Pilrig House Close, Pilrig Street, Pilton Drive, Pilton Drive North, Pilton Farm Avenue, Pilton Gardens, Pilton Loan, Pilton Park, Pilton Place, Piper's Walk, Pirniefield Bank, Pirrie Street, Pirrie's Close, Pitlochry Place, Pitt Street, Pleasance, Ponton Street, Poplar Lane, Porteous' Pend, Porterfield Road, Portland Gardens, Portland Row, Portland Street, Portobello Promenade, Portobello Road, Potterrow, Powderhall Brae, Powderhall Rigg, Primrose Street, Prince Regent Street, Princes Street, Quarry Close, Quayside Street, Queen Charlotte Lane, Queen Charlotte Street, Queen Street, Queen's Drive, Queen's Park Avenue, Queen's Park Court, Queens Drive, Queensferry Road, Queensferry Street, Raeburn Place, Raeburn Street, Ramsay Lane, Randolph Lane, Randolph Place, Rankeillor Street, Ravelston Dykes, Redbraes Place, Reekie's Court, Regent Road, Regent Terrace, Regent Walk, Restalrig Circus, Restalrig Park, Restalrig Road, Restalrig Road South, Restalrig Square, Richmond Lane, Richmond Place, Richmond Terrace, Robertson's Close, Rodney Place, Rodney Street, Rodney Street Tunnel, Rocheid Park, Rose Park, Rose Street, Rose Street North Lane, Rose Street South Lane, Rosebank Cottages, Rosebank Gardens, Rosebank Grove, Rosebank Road, Rosebery Crescent, Roseburn Gardens, Roseburn Maltings, Roseburn Path, Roseburn Place, Roseburn Street, Roseburn Terrace, Rosevale Place, Roseville Gardens, Rossie Place, Rosslyn Crescent, Rosslyn Terrace, Rothesay Place, Rothesay Terrace, Roxburgh Close, Roxburgh Court, Roxburgh Place, Roxburgh Street, Royal Circus, Royal Crescent, Royal Park Terrace, Royal Terrace, Royal Terrace Mews, Royston Mains Crescent, Royston Mains Green, Royston Mains Place, Royston Terrace, Russell Gardens, Russell Place, Russell Road, Rutland Court Lane, Rutland Square, Rutland Street, Saint Bernard Street, Saint David's Terrace, Saint Leonards Lane, Saint Mary's Street, Salamander Court, Salamander Place, Salamander Street, Salmond Place, Saltire Street, Sandpiper Drive, Sandpiper Road, Sandport Place, Sauchiebank, Saunders Street, Scotland Street, Scott's Close, Seafield Avenue, Seafield Place, Seafield Road, Seafield Road East, Seafield Street, Seafield Way, Seaport Street, Semple Street, Shaw's Colonies, Shaw's Street, Shaw's Terrace, Sheriff Bank, Sheriff Park, Shore, Shore Place, Silvermills, Simon Square, Slater's Steps, Sleigh Drive, Sloan Street, Smith's Place, Somerset Place, South Bridge, South College Street, South East Cumberland Street Lane, South Elixa Place, South Fort Street, South Gayfield Lane, South Gray's Close, South Lorne Place, South Park, South Sloan Street, South St Andrew Street, Southfield Terrace, Sovereign Court, Spencer Place, Spey Street, Spey Terrace, Spier's Place, Spittal Street, Spring Gardens, Springfield, Springfield Lane, Springfield Street, Springwell Place, Square Lane, St Bernard's Row, St Clair Avenue, St Clair Place, St Clair Road, St Clair Street, St David's Place, St John Street, St John's Hill, St Leonard's Street, St Leonards Street, St Patrick Square, St Patrick Street, St Stephen Street, St Triduana's Rest, St Vincent Place, St Vincent Street, St. Andrew Place, St. Anthony Place, St. Anthony Street, St. James Place, St. James Square, Stafford Street, Stanhope Place, Stanhope Street, Stanley Place, Stanley Road, Stanwell Street, Starbank Road, Stevenlaw's Close, Stirling Road, Summerfield Gardens, Summerfield Place, Summerside Place, Summerside Street, Sunbury Place, Sunbury Street, Sunnybank Place, Sunnyside, Sutherland Street, Swanfield, Sydney Park, Sydney Place, Sydney Terrace, Taylor Gardens, Taylor Place, Telfer Wall, Telford Drive, Telford Gardens, Telford Grove, Telford March, Telford Path, Telford Place, Telford Road, Tennant Street, Teviot Place, The Bowling Green, The High Way, The Mound, The Quilts, Thistle Street, Thorntree Street, Thornville Terrace, Tinto Place, Tolbooth Wynd, Torphichen Place Lane, Torphichen Street, Tower Place, Tower Street, Tower Wynd, Tradewinds, Trafalgar Lane, Trafalgar Street, Trinity Court, Trinity Crescent, Trinity Grove, Trinity Road, Trinity Way, Tron Square, Tytler Court, Tytler Gardens, Ulster Crescent, Ulster Drive, Ulster Gardens, Ulster Grove, Ulster Terrace, Union Canal Towpath, Union Street, Vallence's Entry, Vandeleur Avenue, Veitch's Square, Victoria Path, Victoria Quay, Victoria Square, Victoria Street, Victoria Terrace, Viewcraig Gardens, Viewcraig Street, Walker Street, Wardie Park, Wardie Road, Wardieburn Place East, Wardieburn Place North, Wardieburn Place South, Wardieburn Place West, Wardieburn Road, Warriston Avenue, Warriston Crescent, Warriston Drive, Warriston Path, Warriston Place, Warriston Road, Warriston Terrace, Warriston's Close, Washington Lane, Water of Leith Path, Water of Leith Walkway, Water Street, Waterfront Avenue, Waterloo Place, Waters' Close, Waverley Bridge, Waverley Park, Waverley Station, Wellington Place, Wellington Street, Wemyss Place, Werberside Mews, West Approach Road, West Bowling Green Street, West College Street, West Cromwell Street, West End Place, West Ferryfield, West Granton Access Cycleway, West Granton Road, West Harbour Road, West Cherrybank, West Mill Lane, West Park Place, West Port, West Register Street, West Richmond Street, West Werberside, West Winnelstrae, West Woods, Wester Coates Gardens, Wilfrid Terrace, William Street, Willowbank Row, Willowbrae Avenue, Willowbrae Road, Wilson's Court, Windmill Close, Windmill Lane, Windmill Place, Windmill Street, Windsor Street, Wishaw Terrace, Wolseley Crescent, Woodbine Terrace, Woodlands Grove, Woodville Terrace, World's End Close, York Lane, York Place, York Road, Young Street, Zetland Place

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