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Streets on the map of Cape Town

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Aandblom Street, Aberdeen Street, Acorn Close, Adderley Street, Addison Street, Adelaide Road, Agapanthus Avenue, Albany Road, Albert Road, Albertus Street, Aldgate Street, Alexander Street, Alexandra Avenue, Alfred Road, Alfred Street, Algarkirk Road, Almond Terrace, Aloe Street, Anemone Avenue, Annandale Street, Antrim Road, Antwerp Road, Anzio Road, Argyle Street, Armadale Street, Arthur's Road, Arum Street, Ash Grove Road, Aspeling Street, Atholl Road, Aubrey Street, August Street, Aurora Lane, Avenue Coeur de Lion, Avenue Deauville, Avenue des Huguenots, Avenue Disandt, Avenue Fontainbleau, Avenue Fresnaye, Avenue Le Sueur, Avenue Normandy, Avenue Road, Avenue St. Denis, Avenue Street, Avondale Road, Balfour Street, Bantam Street, Barkly Road, Barnabas Street, Barnett Street, Barrack Street, Barron Street, Barton Street, Basket Lane, Bath Street, Battery Crescent, Bay Road, Bay View Avenue, Beach Road, Beatty Road, Beaumont Cottages, Beckham Street, Bedford Street, Bellair Road, Belle Ombre Road, Bellevue Road, Bellevue Street, Belmont Avenue, Belvedere Avenue, Ben Nevis Road, Bennett Street, Bennington Road, Beresford Road, Berkeley Road, Bertram Road, Bertrand Road, Beulah Terrace, Bickley Road, Bideford Road, Bill Peters Drive, Blackheath Road, Blackrock Road, Blinde Street, Bloem Street, Bloemhof Street, Bond Street, Booth Road, Bosch Lane, Boundary Road, Bouquet Street, Bowlers Way, Brabant Road, Bradwell Road, Braemar Road, Braeside Road, Branksome Avenue, Breakwater Boulevard, Breda Street, Bree Street, Briar Road, Brickfield Road, Bridge Street, Bridle Road, Brook Street, Browning Road, Brownlow Road, Brunswick Road, Bryant Street, Buiten Street, Buitengracht Street, Buitenkant Street, Buitensingel Street, Bureau Street, Burg Street, Burns Road, Burnside Road, Buxton Avenue, Byron Street, Caesar Street, Calais Road, Caleb Street, Caledon Street, Calvin Street, Camberwell Road, Cambridge Avenue, Cambridge Street, Camden Street, Camp Street, Camps Bay Drive, Canterbury Street, Capel Road, Cardiff Street, Carey Street, Carisbrook Street, Carl Street, Carstens Street, Castle Street, Cavendish Square, Cavendish Street, Caxton Street, Cecil Road, Civic Avenue, Clare Street, Clarence Street, Clifford Avenue, Clifford Road, Clive Street, Cloete Road, Clovelly Avenue, Clyde Road, Clyde Street, Clydebank Road, Cobblestone Road, Coleridge Road, Commercial Street, Conduit Road, Conifer Road, Constantia Road, Constitution Street, Container Road, Copperfield Road, Cornwall Street, Coronation Road, Corporation Street, Cotswold Avenue, Coventry Road, Crassula Avenue, Cross Street, Croxteth Road, Cullinan Street, Culver Street, Curtis Street, Cyprus Street, Daniel Road, Darling Street, Dassen Road, Davenport Road, Davidson Street, Davison Road, Dawes Street, De Waal Drive, Dean Street, Delphinium Street, Denholm Road, Denton Terrace, Derry Street, Derwent Road, Devon Street, Devonport Road, Devonshire Street, DF Malan Street, Dickens Road, Dickson Street, Dixon Street, Dock Road, Donald Street, Donkin Lane, Dorman Street, Dormehl Street, Dorp Street, Dorset Street, Douglas Place, Douglas Street, Dover Road, Drury Street, Dryden Street, Dublin Street, Dudley Road, Duncan Road, Dundonald Street, Dunkley Street, Dunrobin Road, Durham Avenue, Dysart Road, Earl Street, East Pier Road, East Quay Road, Eastern Boulevard, Eaton Road, Ebenezer Road, Eden Road, Edwards Road, Ella Street, Ellis Road, Elson Road, Erica Street, Escombe Road, Eskdale Road, Essex Street, Factory Road, Fairview Avenue, Fareham Street, Faure Street, Fawley Terrace, Fifth Avenue, Firdale Avenue, Firdale Road, Firmount Road, Fitzherbert Road, Florida Road, Flower Street, Ford Street, Forest Hill Avenue, Forest Road, Fort Road, Fort Wynyard Street, Francis Street, Frank Avenue, Frederick Street, Freeman Road, Freesia Avenue, Frere Road, Frere Street, Friars Road, Friend Street, Fritz Sonnenberg Road, Gallery Lane, Gardenia Avenue, Garfield Road, Garrick Road, Gilmour Hill Road, Gladiolus Close, Gladstone Street, Glen Crescent, Glencoe Avenue, Glencoe Road, Glengariff Road, Glenside Road, Gloucester Road, Glynn Street, Glynville Terrace, Golders Green Road, Gordon Street, Gore Street, Gorge Road, Gorleston Road, Government Avenue, Graham Road, Granger Bay Boulevard, Granger Bay Road, Granger Street, Gray Street, Greef Street, Green Street, Grey Street, Grimsby Road, Grisnez Road, Groote Schuur Drive, Grosvenor Avenue, Gympie Street, Haig Road, Hall Road, Hall Street, Hanover Road, Hans Strijdom Avenue, Harrington Street, Hastings Street, Hatfield Road, Hatfield Street, Hay Road, Haytor Road, Head Road, Heathfield Road, Heerengracht, Herbert Road, Hercules Street, Hiddingh Avenue, Higgo Road, High Level Road, High Street, Highfield Road, Highfield Street, Highlands Avenue, Highworth Road, Hill Road, Hill Street, Hilldene Road, Hillside Road, Hillside Terrace, Hilton Road, Hilyard Street, Hof Street, Hofmeyer Lane, Hofmeyr Road, Hofmeyr Street, Holmfirth Road, Homer Street, Hope Street, Hopkins Street, Hospital Street, Hout Lane, Hudson Street, Hyde Street, Chamberlain Street, Chapel Street, Chateau Avenue, Chelmsford Road, Chelsea Avenue, Chepstow Road, Chester Road, Chesterfield Road, Cheviot Road, Chiappini Street, Christiaan Street, Church Road, Church Street, Ilkley Crescent, Inez Road, Incholm Place, Ivanhoe Street, Ixia Avenue, James Street, Jamieson Street, Jan Smuts Street, Jarvis Street, Jasper Street, Jetty Street, Jordaan Street, Joubert Road, Junction Road, Justice Walk, Jutland Avenue, Keerom Street, Keizersgracht, Kelvin Road, Kelvin Street, Kenmore Road, Kensington Crescent, Kent Street, Keppel Road, Kew Road, Kiewiet Lane, King Street, Kitchener Road, Klein Street, Kloof Avenue, Kloof Nek Road, Kloof Road, Kloof Street, Kohling Street, Kort Street, Kotze Street, Kruis Street, Kylemore Road, Lambert Road, Law Road, Lawley Road, Leah Street, Leeukop Street, Leeuwen Street, Leeuwenhof Crescent, Leicester Grove, Leinster Road, Leith Hill Street, Lelie Street, Lennox Street, Lever Street, Lewin Street, Liddle Street, Lincoln Road, Lincon Road, Lion Street, Lismore Terrace, Loader Street, Lodge Road, London Road, Long Street, Longmarket Street, Loop Street, Lorraine Avenue, Lower Bree Street, Lower Burg Street, Lower Portswood Road, Ludlow Road, Luton Street, Lymington Street, Main Drive, Main Road, Malan Street, Maltby Road, Maple Avenue, Marchmont Avenue, Marine Drive, Marine Road, Marmion Road, Marsden Road, Martin Hammerschlag Way, Maydon Road, Maynard Street, McKenzie Street, Mechau Street, Melbourne Road, Mellish Road, Merriman Road, Micawber Road, Milan Road, Military Road, Mill Street, Milne Street, Milner Road, Milton Road, Mincing Lane, Modena Road, Molteno Road, Monastery Road, Montrose Avenue, Moorgate Street, Moray Place, Moreland Terrace, Morkel Street, Morris Lane, Mostert Street, Mount Street, Mountain Road, Muir Street, Mutley Road, Myrtle Street, Napier Street, Nelson Street, Nerina Street, New Church Street, New Market Street, Newport Street, Nicol Street, Nile Street, noname, Noordelik Avenue, Norfolk Road, Norman Grove, Norman Road, Oaktree Road, Ocean View Drive, Old Marine Drive, Oldfield Road, Olivier Road, Orange Street, Ormskirk Street, Orphan Street, Osborne Street, Oswald Pirow Street, Oxford Street, Paddock Avenue, Page Lane, Page Square, Page Street, Palmerston Road, Parade Street, Park House Road, Park Road, Park Street, Parliament Street, Peace Street, Peak Road, Penarth Road, Pentz Street, Pepper Street, Peppertree Road, Perth Road, Perth Street, Pickwick Road, Pier Place, Pine Avenue, Pine Road, Pineoak Road, Pinetree Crescent, Plantation Road, Plein Street, Plum Lane, Plumer Road, Poets' Corner, Pontac Street, Port Road, Porter Street, Premier Road, Prestwich Street, Primrose Street, Prince Street, Princess Street, Protea Avenue, Quarry Hill Road, Queen Street, Queen Victoria Street, Queen's Road, Queens Park Avenue, Queens Road, Rael Street, Railway Street, Ravenscraig Road, Rawbone Street, Rayden Road, Reform Street, Regent Circus, Regent Square, Regent Street, Rheede Street, Rhine Road, Rhodes Avenue, Riebeek Street, Richmond Road, Roberts Road, Rocklands Avenue, Rocklands Road, Roeland Street, Romney Street, Roodebloem Road, Roos Road, Rose Street, Rosebank Place, Roseberry Avenue, Rosedene Road, Rosmead Avenue, Ross Road, Rossiter Street, Rothesay Place, Rua Vasco da Gama, Rugby Road, Russel Street, Rustic Road, Saddle Road, Sachs Street, Salisbury Street, Salmon Street, Salt River Road, Scott Road, Scott Street, Sea Street, Searle Street, Selborne Road, Selbourne Road, Selkirk Street, Selwyn Street, Serpentine Road, Seymour Avenue, Shannon Street, Shelley Road, Shortmarket Street, Schoonder Street, Sidmouth Avenue, Signal Hill Road, Signal Road, Sir Lowry Road, Skye Way, Sollum Road, Somerset Road, Sophia Street, South Arm Road, Southgate Street, Spin Street, Spring Street, Springbok Road, St James Street, St John's Road, St Johns Road, St Michaels Road, St. Bede's Road, St. George Road, St. James Road, Station Street, Stephen Street, Stirling Street, Stone Road, Stowe Street, Strand Street, Strathcona Road, Summerseat Close, Surrey Place, Sussex Street, Swanson Street, Swift Street, Sydney Street, Sylvan Close, Table Bay Boulevard, Tafelberg Road, Tamboerskloof Street, Tay Street, Tennant Street, The Avenue, The Glen, Thornhill Road, Top Road, Torbay Road, Trafalgar Square, Treaty Road, Trent Road, Union Street, University Street, Upper Albert Road, Upper Deane Road, Upper Duke Street, Upper Keppel Street, Upper Mill Street, Upper Orange Street, Upper Queens Road, Upper Union Street, Upper Warwick Street, Van de Leur Street, Varsity Street, Victoria Road, Victoria Walk, Vine Road, Vine Street, Virginia Avenue, Vlei Road, Voetboog Road, Voortrekker Road, Vos Street, Vrede Street, Wale Street, Walter Road, Warren Street, Warwick Street, Waterford Street, Waterkant Street, Waterloo Street, Watson Street, Watsonia Street, Welgemeend Street, Weltevreden Street, Wembley Road, Wesley Street, Wessels Road, West Coast Busway, West Coast Cycle Path, West Quay Road, Western Boulevard, Westminster Road, Westmore Road, Wexford Road, Wharf Street, Wigtown Road, Wilkinson Street, William Street, Wisbeach Road, Woodburn Crescent, Woodlands Road, Woodside Close, Woodside Street, Worcester Road, Wright Street, Wynyard Street, Yew Street, York Road, York Street

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