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You can find the list of streets in the ebook with the map as well. The list in the ebook is active (it is possible to click to any street to get to the page, where it is displayed). If you just want to download the map then use the link at the list of streets here.

Streets on the map of Canberra

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Adelaide Avenue, Adelaide Avenue Onramp, Ainslie Avenue, Ainslie Place, Akuna Street, Albert Street, Alexandrina Drive, Alinga Street, Allambee Street, Allara Street, Allsop Street, Alt Crescent, Amaroo Street, Anzac Parade, Arkana Street, Arthur Circle, Bachelors Lane, Baker Street, Balmain Crescent, Barrallier Street, Barry Drive, Batman Street, Baudin Street, Belmore Gardens, Bent Street, Bible Lane, Black Mountain Summit Walk, Blackall Street, Bligh Street, Bluebell Street, Boathouse Lane, Boolee Street, Bougainville Street, Bourke Street, Bowen Drive, Bowen Place, Brisbane Avenue, Broughton Street, Bunda Street, Burbury Close, Burra Place, Campbell Street, Canberra Avenue, Capital Circle, Captain Cook Crescent, City Walk, Clunies Ross Street, Commonwealth Avenue, Commonwealth Onramp, Condamine Street, Cooyong Street, Corkhill Street, Coronation Drive, Corroboree Park, Creswell Street, Cunningham Close, Cunningham Street, Currie Crescent, Daley Road, Daly Street, Dampier Crescent, Darling Street, Darwin Avenue, Darwin Place, Davey Crescent, David Street, Dawes Street, Denis Winston Walk, Dickson Road, Dickson Way, Dominion Circuit, Donaldson Street, Doonkuna Street, Dorothy Tangney Place, Drake Street, Dryandra Street, Dugan Street, East Road, East Row, Edinburgh Avenue, Eggleston Road, Elder Street, Ellery Crescent, Elouera Street, Empire Circuit, Enid Lyons Street, Evans Crescent, Farrell Place, Farrer Street, Fawkner Street, Federation Mall, Fellows Lane, Fellows Road, Fitzroy Street, Flinders Way, Flynn Drive, Forbes Street, Forster Crescent, Frith Road, Furneaux Street, Gawler Crescent, Genge Street, Giles Street, Gipps Street, Glasshouse Lane, Gooreen Street, Gordon Street, Gosse Street, Gould Street, Gowrie Drive, Greenway Street, Gregory Street, Grimes Street, Hackett Gardens, Hale Crescent, Hales Street, Hann Street, Hardman Street, Hartley Street, Helemon Street, Henty Street, Higgins Crescent, Hill Street, Hillside Lane, Hobart Avenue, Hobart Place, Hobbs Street, Holder Street, Hotham Crescent, Howe Crescent, Hunter Street, Hutton Street, Chaffey Crescent, Chapman Street, Childers Street, Ijong Street, Ipima Street, Jardine Street, Julius Road, Kaye Place, Kaye Street, King Edward Terrace, King George Terrace, Kings Avenue, Kingsley Street, Knowles Place, La Perouse Street, Lake Burley Griffin Cycle track, Langton Crescent, Lawson Crescent, Lefroy Street, Lennox Crossing, Lewis Street, Light Street, Lister Crescent, Liversidge Street, Lockyer Street, Lonsdale Street, Lowanna Street, Macleay Street, Macpherson Street, Macquarie Street, Manuka Circle, Marcus Clarke Street, Mariner Place, Masson Street, McCaughey Street, McCoy Circuit, McDonald Place, McKay Gardens, McKay Lane, McKay Street, Melbourne Avenue, Middle Road, Mills Road, Moonah Place, Moore Street, Moresby Street, Mort Street, Mugga Way, Murray Crescent, Murulla Lane, Narellan Street, National Circuit, Neilsen Place, Newlands Street, Nicholson Crescent, North Road, Northbourne Avenue, Northcote Crescent, Ord Street, Ormond Street, Ovens Street, Oxley Street, Page Street, Palmerston Lane, Parkes Place, Parkes Way, Parkes Way East Offramp, Parkes Way Onramp, Parliament Drive, Paterson Street, Perth Avenue, Petrie Street, Rhodes Place, Ridley Street, Riverside Lane, Robe Street, Ross Street, Rudd Street, Sargood Street, Science Road, Services Road, Schlich Street, Silo Road, Somers Crescent, Sorell Street, South Road, Spencer Street, State Circle, Stawell Street, Stokes Street, Stonehaven Crescent, Stuart Street, Sydney Avenue, Syme Crescent, Talbot Street, Tasmania Circle, Tench Street, Tennyson Crescent, Torrens Street, Turrana Street, University Avenue, Verity Lane, Vernon Circle, Walpole Crescent, Ward Road, Watson Street, Wendouree Drive, Wentworth Avenue, West Row, Wilden Street, Wilmot Crescent, Wise Street, Wonna Street, Workshop Road, Young Street

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