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You can find the list of streets in the ebook with the map as well. The list in the ebook is active (it is possible to click to any street to get to the page, where it is displayed). If you just want to download the map then use the link at the list of streets here.

Streets on the map of Buffalo

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10th St, 4th St, 7th St, Adams St, Alabama St, Alice Ct, Allen St, Alwin Pl, Amistad Ln, Amvets Dr, Andrew Aly, Archie St, Arlington Park, Arlington Pl, Arsenal Pl, Ash St, B F M C Dr, Baltic Pl, Baltimore St, Bean Aly, Beckwith St, Beech St, Bennett Ln, Bennett St, Bessemer St, Best St, Bike Path, Bingham, Blossom St, Bond St, Booth Aly, Bricks for Buffalo Women's Walkway, Broadway, Broadway St, Brown St, Buffalo Place, Buffalo Skyway, Burnie Ln, Burton St, Busti Ave, Butler Pl, Byrd Way, Cambridge Ct, Camp St, Carlton St, Carolina St, Carroll St, Cary St, Castor Aly, Cathedral Pl, Cayuga St, Cedar St, Clinton St, Coast Guard Sta S Rd, Cobb Aly, College St, Columbia St, Columbus Pky W, Commercial St, Commercial Street, Cottage St, Court St, Curry Walk, Cypress St, D A R Dr, D. A. R. Dr, Davis St, Days Park, Delaware Ave, Delmar Mitchell Dr, Duty Free, E Eagle St, E Huron St, E Chippewa St, E Market St, E Mohawk St, E North St, E Tupper St, E Tupper Street, Earl Pl, Edward St, Efner St, Echols Ln, Ellicott St, Ellicott Street, Elm St, Elmira Pl, Elmwood Ave, Emslie Street, Erie St, Erie Street, Esperar St, Essex Ln, Eureka Pl, Exchange St, Fargo Ave, Fell Aly, Fosdick Ave, Fountain Plaza, Franklin Park N, Franklin St, Fritz Aly, Galveston Pl, Garden Aly, Genesee St, George St, Georgia St, Gladys Holmes Blvd, Goodell Street, Goodrich St, Grape St, Grey St, Griffin St, Grosvenor St, Guilford St, Gull Landing, Hagerman St, Hamburg St, Hayward St, Herman St, Hersee Aly, Hickory St, High St, Hollister St, Holloway Blvd, Hudson St, Hydraulic St, Charles St, Cherry St, Chicago St, Church St, Church Street, Illinois St, Irving Pl, Jackson Ter, Jaktram Ct, Jefferson Ave, Jerge Dr, Jersey Street, Johnson Park, Johnson St, Kane St, Kensington Expressway, Kensington Expy, Ketchum Pl, King Peterson Rd, Krettner St, La Riviere Dr, Lafayette Sq, Lakefront Blvd, Lakeview Ave, Larkin St, Lemon St, Locust St, Lord St, Louisiana St, Lower Terrace, Mabel Ct, Madison St, Main St, Main Street, Mainer Towers, Malta Pl, Maple St, Marine Dr, Mariner St, Mark St, Marvin St, Mary B Talbert Blvd, Mary Johnson Blvd, Maryland St, Matthews St, McCarley Walk, McNeeley Way, Mead Aly, Meteor Aly, Michigan Ave, Michigan Avenue, Milnor St, Minnie Gillette Dr, Mississippi St, Monroe St, Mortimer St, Mulberry St, Myrtle Ave, N Carroll St, N Division St, N Oak St, N Pearl St, N Pine St, Nash St, Niagara Sq, Niagara St, Niagara Thruway, Nichols Pl, Nora Ln, Normal Ave, North Johnson Park, North Street, Oak St, Ojibwa Cir, Old Best St, Oneida St, Ora Wrighter Dr, Orange St, Orton Pl, Osborne Aly, Otto St, Oxford Ct, Park St, Peach St, Pearl Street, Pennsylvania St, Perkins Dr, Perry Blvd, Perry St, Pershing Ave, Pierce Ct, Pillsbury Pl, Pine St, Porter Ave, Pratt St, Rabin Ter, Rey St, Richmond Avenue, River Walk, Rivermist Dr N, Rivermist Dr S, Riverwalk, Rose St, S Cedar St, S Division St, S Division Street, S Elmwood Ave, S Elmwood Avenue, San Domingo Aly, Scott St, Seneca St, Seneca Street, Seymore H. Knox III Plz, Seymour St, Sherman St, Shumway St, Smith St, Soth Johnson Park, South Park Ave, Spring St, Spruce St, St Johns Pl, St Louis Pl, St Michaels Pl, St Paul St, Staats St, Stanton St, Sussex Ct, Swan St, Swan Street, Symphony Circle, Templeton Ter, Timon St, Tracy St, Trenton Ave, Trenton Rd, Trinity Pl, Upper Terrace, Van Rensselaer St, Vermont St, Village Ct, Virginia Pl, Virginia St, W Eagle St, W Genesee St, W Huron St, W Chippewa St, W Chippewa Street, W Market St, W Mohawk St, W Parade Ave, W Peckham St, W Seneca St, W Swan St, W Tupper St, Wadsworth St, Walnut St, Washington St, Waterfront Cir, Watson St, West Ave, Whitney Pl, Wilkeson Way, William St, Woodbury Aly

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